DS 3 Crossback: Icon of high tech style

There are now more images of DS 3 CROSSBACK – with all DS Inspiration interiors and a wide selection of the creative design sketches

There are now more images of DS 3 CROSSBACK – with all DS Inspiration interiors and a wide selection of the creative design sketches. Also available is the launch video and six technical key feature of DS 3 CROSSBACK films, covering the operation of :

DS MATRIX LED VISION projector headlights
DS flush-fitting door handles
DS Hi-Fi FOCAL Electra system.


DS MATRIX LED VISION: permanent full beam

DS 3 CROSSBACK introduces a new generation of full LED lighting with Matrix Beam technology: With DS MATRIX LED VISION, the driver will see the light beam adjust automatically to provide optimal lighting and can drive outside built-up areas on full headlights without dazzling other road users.

This feature is not only spectacular, it also delivers a level of safety and driving comfort never before seen in this class of vehicle. With their modern, high-tech design, DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights also contribute to the unique visual identity of DS 3 CROSSBACK, a signature dear to DS.

DS Matrix LED Vision lighting comprises 3 LED modules for low beam and a Matrix Beam module for high beam. The beam module emitted by each Matrix Beam module is divided into 15 independent segments which switch on and off gradually, segment by segment, based on the driving conditions detected by the camera above the windscreen. . As a result, drivers of DS3 CROSSBACK cars can keep their main beams on without dazzling other road users.

Because the segments are managed individually and dynamically, the light flux can be accurately tuned to the vehicle’s route, and the power output can also be adapted to the current situation. Another feature of this made-to-measure approach is that when entering or leaving a town, the segments switch off or on progressively to switch from dipped to full headlights.

Flush-fitting door handles

The folding flush-fitting door handles are both elegant and modern. Premiered at the start of the summer on the DSXE-Tense Dream Car, this exclusive technology is new to this sector. The principle is simple: the door handles are available to users when required. The rest of the time, they fold into the vehicle sides. Moreover, with Proximity Keyless Entry and Start, the magic takes place as the key holder approaches the car, within a radius of 1.5 metres. The car unlocks and the four handles deploy automatically so the driver and passengers simply get in and drive away. Similarly, the door handles retract and the vehicle locks as they walk away from it.

DS SMART ACCESS: no key required

A useful everyday companion, DS SMART ACCESS lets you unlock and start your DS 3 CROSSBACK using the MyDS app. Using the Bluetooth protocol, the system remains operational even without a GSM network, making it unique on the market. And since cars are often shared, this innovation also lets the owner / driver make the vehicle available to up to five users at the same time without giving them the key. For each user, the owner / driver can authorise the access and start functions permanently or for a limited time.

On DS 3 CROSSBACK, DS DRIVE ASSIST delivers a more relaxed drive. This DS driver assistance system is a further step on the road to autonomous vehicles. Using the on-board radar and camera, DS 3 CROSSBACK adapts to the driving conditions: the vehicle follows the set course and adapts automatically its speed, for a speed equal to the safety distance and to a complete stop if necessary, thereby assisting the driver, who can take back control at any time.

DS DRIVE ASSIST: drive or be driven

Premiered on DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS DRIVE ASSIST is now available on DS 3 CROSSBACK. This function regulates vehicle speed in relation to the vehicle in front and acts on the steering to precisely position DS 3 CROSSBACK in its lane based on the driver’s choices and habits. Available at speeds of up to180 kph / 112mph (depending on national legislation), the system controls the vehicle’s speed and path. This system is particularly useful in traffic jams or on the motorway, for example, where DS 3 CROSSBACK becomes a vigilant eye for the driver. In this way, it contributes to a more relaxed driving experience.

With DS PARK PILOT, drivers of DS 3 CROSSBACK can park automatically, without using the steering wheel and the pedals. This system is able to check whether a parking space big enough for DS 3 CROSSBACK simply by driving past at a speed of up to 30 kph / 18.5mph. Using the touch screen, the driver selects reverse or angle parking. The final step? Simply press the Park button and wait for the magic to happen.

DS 3 CROSSBACK is opening new horizons: unlock and start your car using a smartphone through the MyDS app, lend it to the person of your choice without having to give them the key… These ‘dream’ functions are now a reality on DS 3 CROSSBACK with the DS SMART ACCESS function via the MyDS app.

DS Hi-Fi FOCAL Electra system.

Building on this level of insulation, and to achieve the DS LOUNGE effect already offered by DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS engineers joined forces with French company FOCAL to work on the DS 3 CROSSBACK audio system. A long-established partner of the brand (with DS E-TENSE Concept Car, DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS X E-TENSE Dream Car) with its ELECTRA® high-end signature, FOCAL worked with DS engineers and technicians to develop a Hi-Fi system with 12 loud speakers optimally positioned around the cabin – e.g.; the tweeters are in the shark fins – for an overall power of 515 watts. The result is an exceptional immersive experience. The sound is well balanced, crisp, true to life for live, physical sound, and real spatialisation of the sound stage.


To personalise DS 3 CROSSBACK

It all starts on the outside: 10 wheel themes, 10 body colours – including the superb Millennium Blue seen on the DS X E-Tense Dream-Car – and three roof colours make up the initial personalisation process. Customers can choose from an extensive range of combinations for a highly personalised result.

The ultimate aspect of the personalisation process is expressed with the five DS Inspirations: DS MONTMARTRE, DS BASTILLE, DS PERFORMANCE Line, DS RIVOLI, DS OPERA and for the ultimate expression with La Première limited edition. These Inspirations mix and match colours and materials inside and outside the car, to meet individual tastes and requirements.

The Inspirations set their stamp on the interior styling for a chic, modern result, featuring grained or full-grain Nappa leather with an ‘Art Leather’ finish, top-stitching in a pearl or diamond pattern, braided textiles, Alcantara®, a steering wheel fully upholstered in full-grain leather including the airbag cushion and chrome trim features with a Paris Hobnail guilloche design.

On the outside, the Inspirations add specific notes of detail such as the signatures on the bonnet and lower doors or the chrome trim features at the front and at the rear with a gloss, satin or textured shimmering black finish.

Attention-to-detail for a sense of extreme refinement

The coherent approach of DS interior design is also visible in the central console, inherited from DS 7 CROSSBACK. This elegant, stylish central console with its gearbox controls, toggle switches and electric handbrake also meets day-to-day passenger needs, with a smartphone charging pad, an array of storage compartments including cup holders, and a broad, functional sliding armrest.

Illustrating this attention-to-detail, the original DS signature and brand emblem is present as a key theme and influence on many interior style features: the spectacular central fascia with its touch controls, the central and side air vents (built into the doors), the screen scenography, etc.


Young French brand, DS Automobiles was launched in 2015. Its ambition is to embody, in the automotive industry, the French luxury know-how. Driven by its outstanding product heritage and avant-garde spirit, DS perpetuates the values of innovation and distinction inherited from the first DS, launched in 1955, and opens a new territory in the premium automotive market.

The first model of the second-generation DS range, DS 7 CROSSBACK, the SUV with innovative savoir-faire, opens a range of six global vehicles with one launch per year. Therefore, in September 2018, the DS brand presents its next – its new ‘Premium B SUV’, DS 3 CROSSBACK, the high-tech style icon, and with its 100% electric version E-TENSE.

Available in 2019, DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4X4 – the PHEV hybrid powertrain by DS – and DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE – the first ever full electric DS car – delivers the strategy of electrification availability over the entire range.

Designed for customers looking for a means to express themselves as individuals, DS cars stand apart through their avant-garde design, refinement in every detail, advanced technologies and dynamic serenity.

For its discerning customers, who demand personalisation and exclusivity, DS Automobiles has created ‘ONLY YOU, the DS experience’, as a programme of exclusive services for a unique brand experience.

DS models are distributed via DS STORES and DS SALONS, comprising the new network exclusive to DS Automobiles. In the first half of 2018, 140 showrooms were opened around the world and the brand has 345 sites open by the end of June 2018, including DS WORLD PARIS, its flagship at 33 Rue François 1er in Paris.

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