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Cipia secures two more design wins from carmaker Chery with new tier 1

These design wins represent the seventh and eighth Chery models to integrate Cipia’s Driver Sense, driver monitoring system

Cipia, an AI computer vision in-cabin automotive solutions provider, today announced its latest design wins with a new Tier 1 for carmaker Chery. The two new Chery models will include Cipia’s Driver Sense, driver monitoring system (DMS), which will be integrated on the vehicles’ In-Vehicle Infotainment system (IVI), and will run on a Qualcomm SOC. The models are expected to start production by the first part of 2024.

“Cipia has seen an accelerated growth in model wins during the recent months. We are delighted to have been selected to provide Driver Sense for additional Chery car models” Said Yehuda Holtzman, CEO of Cipia “Our deepening partnership with Chery demonstrates the value that our in-cabin sensing solutions provide to OEMs and Tier 1s globally, making driving safer and saving lives on the roads.”

These new design wins bring Cipia to a total of 32 car models awarded, over 11 platforms serving 7 OEMs globally.

Cipia’s Driver Sense software uses computer vision and AI to monitor the driver’s state in real-time. The solution detects signs of drowsiness, distraction, phone use, seatbelt and more, enabling lifesaving alerts to the driver.


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