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Autoliv presents new safety innovations at Auto Shanghai 2023

Autoliv, Inc., the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, presented several new safety solutions at the Shanghai Automobile Industry Exhibition 2023

Autoliv, Inc., the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, presented several new safety solutions at the Shanghai Automobile Industry Exhibition 2023. The new safety solutions include an integrated cockpit, a zero-gravity seat, and the Star steering wheel. The new products are designed to provide safety, comfort, and an improved driving experience.

Our development teams constantly challenge and redefine the standards of mobility safety. Autoliv is committed to deliver new safety solutions driven by global automotive market trends, such as self-driving cars and increased connectivity. The new solutions also meet the demand for increased occupant convenience.

The integrated cockpit combines several new safety solutions

The integrated cockpit presented by Autoliv at the exhibition showcased several Autoliv products, including a foldable steering wheel that retracts into the dashboard as the car drives itself, a heated seatbelt for increased convenience and energy efficiency, and an illuminated seatbelt buckle that makes it easier to buckle up when dark.

The zero-gravity seat and the Star steering wheel with new technical and visual aspects

Autoliv also presented several other innovative safety solutions at the exhibition, such as the zero-gravity seat and the Star steering wheel. The zero-gravity seat solution is specifically developed for autonomous driving to provide an ideal, comfortable posture during long drives. This different seating position requires new safety solutions. The Autoliv zero-gravity seat features airbags and an integrated seatbelt for optimal safety. As the seat reclines, the safety system adjusts to the needs of different drivers and passengers, adapting to their weight, height, and gender.

The Star steering wheel has multiple electrical functions and an integrated central screen that stays fixed while the wheel is being rotated. Integrating the screen into the steering wheel frees up space and allows for new, innovative interior designs. The central screen can be used for multimedia entertainment, driver information and for providing navigation data to the driver. It also features heating, hands on detection, and driver alerts through lighting and vibration.

Well-represented with Chinese OEMs

“We continue to bring breakthrough innovations to the market. Combined, these new safety solutions are built on the latest advanced technologies that seamlessly integrate to meet the growing demand for reliable and efficient safety solutions in the automotive industry in China and worldwide,” said Mikael Bratt, President and CEO of Autoliv.

“Autoliv is well-represented with Chinese OEMs, many of which are aiming for global expansion. We estimate that around a quarter of our sales in China in 2022 was with local OEMs, and this year we expect that to increase. We see a strong demand in China and worldwide for safety innovations and these new safety solutions represent a major step forward for us in the field of mobility safety,” said Sng Yih, President, Autoliv China.

SOURCE: Autoliv

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