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All-new Renault Austral: quality that is easy on the eye

All-new Renault Austral unveils more of its features and is today inviting you to discover the care given to the creation of its interiors

All-new Renault Austral unveils more of its features and is today inviting you to discover the care given to the creation of its interiors. From the design, to the choice of materials and the excellence in its craftsmanship… All-new Renault Austral immerses passengers in an elegantly modern cocoon.

Renault’s design and engineering teams made sure that the level of quality be immediately palpable. Everything a passenger is likely to touch has been made to feel softer and more enjoyable. Much thought went into choosing materials for a stylish trim with a visibly high-end feel.

To achieve the desired level of quality on the All-new Renault Austral, we made no compromise when it came to choosing materials and quality workmanship, much like the open-pore wood finish found on the Iconic level trim
François FARION, Renault brand Head of Colour and Trim

An elegantly tiered dashboard

In the upper section, the dashboard cover has been removed and the dash is covered with a  matt finish and padded cover, very soft to the touch. The light strip extends through to the door panels, thereby enhancing the overall visual appeal. Fine quality materials, such as real wood treated according to the japonese technique maki-e, elevate the interior design. This cabinetmaking technique highlights the natural grain by using a cloth to apply several layers of metallic pigments to the wood. The technique helps maintain the feel of the timber’s grain and texture. Lastly, an elegant satin chrome trim delicately wraps around the horizontal grid of the air vent.

Padded door panels

Much like the dashboard, the upper section on the front and rear door panels is foam padded. They feature the same decorations and finishing touches so that every passenger, no matter where they are seated, enjoy the car’s elevated style throughout. Upholstered textiles subtly fade from black to light grey and pair with the synderm leather (fine grain synthetic leather) for an elegant touch.

Smart hand rest

The centre console incorporates a hand rest with a satin chrome trim on a finely grained cover that is pleasant to the touch. Inspired by the worlds of aeroplanes and fine watchmaking, the design is one that evokes precision craftsmanship. When sliding it backwards or forwards, it gives off a mechanical clicking sound similar to that of the dial on a safe – yet another example of the close attention paid to every detail.

SOURCE: Renault

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