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Aiways partners with PUMP to simplify electric vehicle charge planning across Europe

PUMP becomes Aiways’ first partner as an app provider for charge planning for electric vehicles

Shanghai-based personal mobility provider Aiways is further enhancing the usability of its pure electric U5 SUV by partnering with PUMP, provider of one of Europe’s largest electric vehicles (EV) charge planning apps. This marks Aiways’ first strategic partnership in terms of car data and will strengthen the advanced technological appeal of its cutting-edge products.

Aiways customers will be able to access from 22nd June 2022 the PUMP app via their vehicle and smartphone to pre-plan journeys and review detailed information about charge points along their route – including availability, exact location, provider details, daily usage patterns, and charging speed.

Integration of the PUMP app into Aiways’ vehicles holds advantages over other in-built OEM solutions. PUMP has been designed specifically to support electric vehicles, and ensures motorists constantly have access to the most up-to-date online maps and charging stations. The PUMP app remains in sync with the Aiways at all times, showing only compatible chargers and charging details that are based on the car’s battery level and charging capabilities. Motorists will also be able to receive charge station status updates on their smart device – a feature which is not currently available with other OEM solutions.

PUMP is a relative newcomer to the charge planning market and is fast building a community of followers by delivering an app that is both intuitive and data rich. It’s lightning-fast trip planning and instant updates create a seamless EV experience and uniquely, the vehicle-to-app connection happens online, removing the need for vehicle hardware or adapters.

The standard version of PUMP is free and allows users to program a trip on their smart device and then upload the charge point data to their personal trip planning. With a monthly or annual subscription, users can access PUMP Pro, which acts as a full navigation system that includes the state of charge, calculates trips, and recommends charging points en route. PUMP Pro also allows users to add additional waypoints, return trips, preferred charging operators, custom battery levels and join a virtual ‘queue’, enabling motorists to schedule charging stops with minimal waiting time on arrival.

As part of the new agreement, three months of PUMP Pro will be provided free of charge to every new and existing Aiways U5 SUV customer. After the trial period, customers will be able to take advantage of the latest version of the software at PUMP’s affordable monthly cost of €4,99 per month.

Future PUMP initiatives will see the addition of more languages, charge point reliability ratings, details of whether other users are waiting to use a given charge point and Android Auto support.

Dr Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President of Overseas Operations at Aiways, is enthusiastic about this: “This collaboration is a perfect synergy, a perfect match. For the first time ever we send car data – in compliance with all applicable data protection and privacy rules and directly to an app of an external partner. We both are automotive start-ups and share many of the same values, especially in meeting the smart mobility requirements of the mass market. It is a huge step for Aiways, and we truly think that this cooperation is helping us making charging and trip planning easy and affordable. We don´t need any inbuilt navigation systems which are quite expensive and outdated after a short time, we do it the clever Aiways way and found a partner who is providing all necessary information and is updating his app constantly. Our customers will get an always up-to-date system.”

800 Volt Technologies, the company behind PUMP, was founded in 2020 by experienced automotive industry professionals Helmuth Ritzer, Thomas Hecker and Tobias Berg, who have over 20 years’ experience working for OEMs and technology leaders. The PUMP app was launched in March 2022 and has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the mass market.

Helmuth Ritzer, co-founder of PUMP, added: “We’re excited to be working with Aiways to help make transitioning to an EV even easier. PUMP gives motorists intuitive access to charge planning across Europe and we already calculate over 100,000 trips per month. This new collaboration will enhance both companies’ European offering and strengthen the EV ownership experience.”

PUMP uniquely provides also online connectivity and is compatible with all Aiways models. With PUMP Pro, users can link the app with Apple CarPlay, with plans to extend to Android Auto soon.

SOURCE: Aiways

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