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ADS-TEC Energy announces strategic partnership with GP JOULE CONNECT for immediate expansion of ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure in Europe

GP JOULE CONNECT orders 30 ChargePost and 10 ChargeBox ultra-fast charging systems from ADS-TEC Energy

ADS-TEC Energy, a leading manufacturer of battery storage-based ultra-fast charging solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with sustainable mobility solutions company GP JOULE CONNECT, a leading systems provider for new mobility. As part of the collaboration, GP JOULE CONNECT will be deploying 30 ADS-TEC Energy ChargePost and 10 ChargeBox systems in 2023. Both companies aim to actively drive the expansion of charging infrastructure as well as the transformation of energy systems and jointly plan to build numerous battery storage-based, ultra-fast charging stations in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Customized energy concepts

GP JOULE CONNECT projects, plans, installs and operates e-charging parks as well as charging and energy management services for the real estate industry, charging parks, service stations, truck and bus depots and energy suppliers as well as infrastructure companies, with a focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Working with MOBILIZE POWER SOLUTIONS, a joint venture of GP JOULE CONNECT with RENAULT GROUP for the three countries, it is also heavily involved in infrastructure solutions for fleets and the automotive sector. GP JOULE CONNECT also acts as a mobility service provider with an extensive charging network, enabling the sharing and pooling of e-vehicles including a modern booking and marketing platform.

The battery-buffered approach provided by the ADS-TEC Energy ultra-fast charging systems will enable expansion in both inner cities and rural areas, where the expansion of the network infrastructure is very expensive and complex, or in some cases even impossible.

Manuel Reich, managing director of GP JOULE CONNECT said, “In ADS-TEC Energy, we have found a strong, innovative partner, with products such as ChargeBox and ChargePost that combine high-performance, reliable technology with optimal, long-term total cost of ownership (TCO). We share similar values and visions, especially the desire to expand the charging infrastructure for climate-friendly mobility. I’m looking forward to working together, developing ideas together and realizing the first projects.”

ChargePost and ChargeBox: Easy, fast installation and highest performance

The ultra-fast, battery-buffered ChargeBox system can be used both outdoors and indoors with its two separate charging columns. Completely ground-level installation is possible, with minimal construction required, saving time and costs. The system charges continuously from the available distribution grid at any given time, storing and boosting charging power up to 320 kilowatts (kW) for ultra-fast and whisper-quiet operation.

ChargePost is ADS-TEC Energy’s recently-introduced ultra-fast charging station, which integrates two charging columns, complete with power electronics, battery storage and air conditioning in an extremely powerful, compact and quiet “all-in-one” system. Two charging points can be installed on a footprint of less than two square meters (21 square feet), for ultra-fast charging of more than 100 kilometers (over 60 miles) of range in just a few minutes. ChargePost delivers up to 300 kW DC power for one vehicle and 150 kW for two charging points used simultaneously, and offers between 144 and 201 kWh battery capacity, as well as one to two optional 75-inch advertising displays on the exterior surfaces.

Due to the uniquely powerful performance even in power-limited grids and the compact size of the charging technology, ADS-TEC Energy 2022 was nominated for the German Future Prize of the Federal President and elevated to his “Circle of Excellence.”

Innovative network services and advertising space offer additional revenue streams for operators

ChargePost provides “plug-and-play” operation, connecting directly to the existing, power-limited grid. It also enables additional services: When used in conjunction with a photo-voltaic system, ChargePost allows electricity to be stored and then used to charge e-vehicles or used for grid services. The ability to also return stored energy bidirectionally to the grid is expected to be possible in the first half of 2023, opening up entirely new business models for operators.

ADS-TEC-Energy founder and CEO Thomas Speidel said, “We are delighted to collaborate with GP JOULE CONNECT, an experienced, high-performance partner with a holistic focus on the entire renewable energy value chain, whose offerings are supported in many ways by our storage and charging systems. We intend to aggressively advance the expansion of charging infrastructure together. We are already planning further exciting projects and look forward with great anticipation to a successful expansion of this partnership.”


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