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Accelerating freight yard automation: ZF joins forces with Embotech

ZF has invested in a 25 per cent stake of Embotech, a leading developer of autonomous vehicle software

ZF today announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Swiss-based Embotech, a leading developer of pioneering decision-making software that supports automated driving systems. Providing a scalable and reliable solution for Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) on restricted areas, the partnership will develop customer-tailored automated solutions to support multiple applications. This includes logistics yards, ports, airports, mining, and agricultural operations as well as bus depots. Another project is the development of an intelligent predictive cruise control that takes traffic flow, traffic signals and topographical conditions into account.

“Our collaboration with Embotech is a continuation of ZF’s ‘Next Generation Mobility’ strategy. The partnership agreement with Embotech is built on a shared vision to develop complementary products and technologies to build a reliable and global Transportation-as-a-Service solution for commercial vehicles operating on restricted areas,” explained Philipp Helmich, Vice President of Vehicle Dynamics and Controls & Autonomous Driving with ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Control Systems division.

The new partnership will accelerate the development of automated yard solutions initially across Europe and, ultimately, world-wide. Providing a complete eco-system software platform, it will improve customer operations using autonomous, connected, and electrified vehicles, smart infrastructure features and intelligent software solutions. A critical step in the commercial automation supply chain, yard automation is aimed at solving key challenges and issues impacting the sector, aimed to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as well as enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

“We are delighted to further build on our collaboration with ZF through this important strategic partnership to develop advanced solutions for automated yard logistics world-wide,” added Andreas Kyrtatos, Chief Executive Officer of Embotech. “Applications on restricted areas can already offer value to end customers, be it a vehicle manufacturer, a logistics company transferring containers from a factory to an inland port, or a mining company covering large distances in mixed traffic with autonomous hauling trucks.”

Providing ZF with a market-proven solution, the partnership will support autonomous driving using Embotech’s decision-making software. This will be combined with ZF’s systems expertise in sensor, electronic control and actuation for Level 4 self-driving commercial vehicles, including its ADOPT, Autonomous Driving Open Platform Technology. Another project from the new cooperation is the development of an intelligent predictive cruise control. This takes traffic flow, traffic signals and topographical conditions into account.

As part of the collaboration, global automotive technology company ZF has invested in Embotech and will take a seat on the company’s advisory board.


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