Tech giants can be automakers, but it will take time

Technology giants could be huge disrupters in a connected, autonomous mobility industry. By Jack Hunsley

Every year CES throws a surprise or two, and arguably the biggest of the 2020 iteration was Sony’s fully working electric car. Though only a prototype, Sony’s Vision-S offered a surprisingly comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing package.

Special report: Will tech giants ever become automakers?

The Vision-S came stuffed to the rafters with bespoke AI, 5G and cloud technologies, as well as an array of in-car entertainment offerings and sensor tech. And, despite having no plans to offer it to the public, Sony has continued developing the prototype throughout the year, documenting its return to Magna’s engineering centre in Graz, Austria in January and its arrival in Tokyo, Japan in June through short teaser videos. The latest word is that the car is “currently under development for public road testing this fiscal year.”…