Regulators gently steer truck sector toward electrification

Tighter emissions targets will mean more zero-emission trucks, although scope remains for diesel and gas engine optimisation. By Freddie Holmes

Medium- and heavy-duty trucks are firmly on the path to electrification, guided by regulations which are either being finalised or have already been released.

Special report: Medium- and heavy-duty truck electrification

As can be expected, updated targets allow for incremental improvements in diesel and natural gas trucks, and additional emissions reduction technologies and monitoring devices will ensure they comply on the road and not just in the lab. But now more than ever, there is an overarching emphasis on deploying alternatives to the internal combustion engine.

The US

California is a world leader in zero-emissions road transport. It is taking a stand not only on fleet average emissions, but the sale of diesel and gas trucks as well.

New legislation introduced in…