Mobility start-up success hinges on the team, not just the product

Venture capital firms have no shortage of good ideas to choose from, and so leadership has become a key differentiator. By Freddie Holmes

Venture capital (VC) firms invested US$254bn globally in 2018, with that money going to 18,000 different start-ups. That’s according to a report from Toptal, titled ‘The State of the Venture Capital Industry in 2019’; the report notes that more than half of that money went to US start-ups alone.

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However, recent analysis suggests that the level of investment has tapered off slightly. The sheer volume of start-ups vying for attention has meant that VCs are becoming increasingly focused on quality as opposed to quantity. In fact, with so many entrepreneurs spotting similar gaps in the mobility market, many VCs are placing greater importance on leadership than ever.

Colorado-headquartered Fraser McCombs Capital has…