How might driverless technology reshape ride-hailing?

Freddie Holmes speaks to Voyage to find out why a retirement village may be the ideal environment for early robotaxis

The notion of a robotaxi is often associated with young city dwellers looking to zip between home, work and play. But robotaxis have greater potential for societal benefit than simply offering another means of transportation to those who already have a slew of options at their disposal. There are others to be considered, such as those at risk of becoming increasingly isolated, and whose mobility needs are currently underserved.

How is ride-hailing shaping the future of mobility?

One California start-up has a very specific target demographic: senior citizens. Headquartered in the Bay Area and with operations in San Jose and Orlando, Florida, Voyage has been honing its driverless vehicle technologies not in the hustle and bustle of cities, but at retirement villages in the suburbs. These communities are home to many potential robotaxi customers.

Built from the ground up for senior citizens, these closed communities are…