China looks to repeat EV success with fuel cell vehicles

Hydrogen is next on the agenda as China looks to cement its position as the industry’s foremost market for zero emissions vehicles. By Freddie Holmes

Having led the adoption of battery electric vehicles (EVs), China is now turning its attention toward a hydrogen economy. New government policies and industry-led projects could spark a dramatic increase in the use of hydrogen across the country over the next decade.

China’s new vehicle market: prospects to 2025 and beyond

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FECVs) have played second fiddle to EVs to date, but a 2020 directive from the Chinese government indicates a new focus on hydrogen moving forward. The goal is to have one million FCEVs on the road and 1,000 hydrogen refuelling stations by 2030, with heavy vehicles a priority. It may seem a lofty target, but China already boasts a track record of creating demand for zero emissions vehicles.

It is bolstered by a move to…