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Audi doubles down on gas

Audi’s development of technologies like CNG-fuelled passenger vehicles reflect parent company VW’s mission to cast a wide net in future powertrain development. By Xavier Boucherat

However the automotive powertrain landscape evolves, one thing that is certain is that emissions need to come down. For VW, parent company of Audi, this presents an issue – as Europe’s largest vehicle manufacturer, the OEM serves a broad range of customers with different needs, and as such it will be essential to provide a broad selection of technology solutions.

This gives Audi, with many of its customers seeking sporty, flexible and long-range vehicles, some interesting opportunities. Since 2014, the company has offered a compressed natural gas (CNG) version of its A3 model, under a brand called g-tron. The vehicle has two fuel ports, and the car can run both on gasoline and CNG. Soon, the OEM will be expanding the g-tron range with gas-compatible A4 and A5 options….

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