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Monthly Briefing – November 2018

Monthly Briefing is an online publication that contains all the top content from Automotive World. Each issue features a mix of analysis and comment, as well as exclusive interviews with key stakeholders

Welcome to the latest issue of AW Monthly

Monthly Briefing - November 2018

The November edition of Monthly Briefing includes the usual mix of analysis and comment, as well as exclusive interviews with:

  • Michael Hajesch, Chief Executive, Ionity
  • Torsten Gollewski, Managing Director, ZF Zukunft Ventures
  • Mary Gustanski, Chief Technology Officer, Delphi
  • Johan Herrlin, Chief Executive, Ito World
  • Richard Billyeald, Chief Technical Officer, Thatcham Research
  • Masayuki Ishizaki, Chief Executive, Ascent Robotics
  • Allen Ko, Chairman, KYMCO
  • Dillon Twombly, Chief Revenue Officer, Via

Also in this issue:

  • NAFTA becomes USMCA
  • 2018 Paris Motor Show
  • 5G and the autonomous car
  • After oil, is data the auto industry’s new addiction?
  • What needs to happen to get drivers into EVs?
  • Autonomous trucking
  • Has Tokyo’s high-tech reputation become lost in transit?

We hope you enjoy this issue of Monthly Briefing, and as always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions; email us at

Martin Kahl
Editor, Automotive World

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