Volkswagen expands regional design capability

Jose Carlos (JC) Pavone is named Head of Design for North and South American Regions

Volkswagen in North America is expanding its regional design capability by appointing a new head designer who will oversee Volkswagen’s vehicle lineup in the North and South American Regions. Jose Carlos (JC) Pavone will add North American design to his current role as Head of Design for Volkswagen South American Region. Pavone will be Head of Design for North and South American Regions.

Pavone brings strong experience in integrating innovative approaches with the vehicle design process, like using augmented and virtual reality, which is faster and more effective for prototype development. Initially, Pavone will split his time between Volkswagen’s Design Centers in the U.S. and Brazil.

“We have an ambitious growth agenda in North America with a Group goal of 10 percent market share by 2030. To realize these goals, we are building more knowledge in the region while developing and strengthening our talent,” said Pablo Di Si, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America.  “Design will play an even bigger role in tailoring our vehicles to market-specific needs. JC brings a wealth of experience from his time in Germany, the United States, and Brazil, and has a great track record of designing products that resonate with our consumers.”

Pavone has worked with Volkswagen for 21 years in the Brazilian, German, and U.S. markets. From 2011 to 2016, he worked at Volkswagen Group of America’s Design Studio in California, becoming Head of Exterior Design in 2013. He is credited with designing the sixth-generation Jetta and the American market Passat sedan that was assembled in Chattanooga, TN., from 2011 to 2022.

More recently, Pavone was Head of Design at Volkswagen of Brazil for the South American market. He spearheaded the design process for the Volkswagen Nivus/Taigo, which was the first vehicle designed in South America produced in Europe. He was also responsible for the Virtus, which was also developed in the region.

“I’m very excited to accept this new challenge to lead VW Design in the North and South America Regions,” said JC Pavone. “My experience—being born in Sao Paulo, working at HQ in Wolfsburg for seven years, five years at the Design Center California and seven years as Design Director at VW South America—gives me the right understanding about the trends and requirements from each region. Communication with the Design Headquarters in Wolfsburg is key to the perfect balance between regional preferences and Volkswagen DNA.”

SOURCE: Volkswagen

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