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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: New Amarok: striking pickup design for the doers of tomorrow

First near-series drawings: The entire exterior of the new premium pickup from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The new Amarok will be launched on the global market in 2022 with a wealth of new features. This includes numerous driver assistance systems, new in this segment, which will make everyday life much easier for future Amarok customers. And the completely new development with numerous comfort functions allows the upcoming ‘Wolf’ even better off-road properties than in the previous generations thanks to more ground clearance.

Powerful further: The new pickup from the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand from Hanover is again available with a V6 TDI. This will not only please the current Amarok fans, but also inspire new target groups for the premium pickup. The entire exterior of the new, sporty Amarok is more defined, testifying to power and strength. And inside, too: more premium than ever before.

Comfort, operating concept, connectivity and ambience in the completely new interior ensure that the new Amarok raises the bar significantly for the pickup segment in the global one-ton B segment.

“We emphasize the different, expressive front designs of our pickup with a charismatic Amarok embossing, which can also be found on the cargo box in the rear with a very large lettering and gives the Amarok a lot of pride,” confirms Albert-Johann Kirzinger, Head of Design at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Of course, a Euro pallet fits between the wheel arches again – and load security is also taken care of. “The styling bar as a visual extension of the double cabin into the cargo box once again ensures a dynamic, aerodynamic and absolutely solid proportion of the Amarok body”.

Externally, the new Amarok has grown ten centimeters to 5.35 meters in length and its body will also be wider than the current version. This is reflected, for example, in more legroom in the second row of seats.

The Amarok from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been in series production since 2010. Its name is derived from the North American Inuit language and means wolf. The second generation, with its standard V6 diesel, has been delighting customers in the Amarok markets since 2016. More than 815,000 vehicles have been sold in twelve years. Developed by teams in Australia and Europe, the latest version of the premium pickup will be produced in Silverton, South Africa.

SOURCE: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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