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Three Dongfeng mask machines are rolled off line every three days

In this special spring of 2020, Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant has completed a new challenge, which has developed and commissioned a fully-automatic mask machine with a capacity of 100 masks per minute within 32 days

In this special spring of 2020, Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant has completed a new challenge, which has developed and commissioned a fully-automatic mask machine with a capacity of 100 masks per minute within 32 days.

It is learned that 10 Dongfeng-made fully-automatic mask machines made by Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant have been off the production line, and 90-machine orders have been delivered in succession since April 8. At present, the workshop implements double-shift production system, 12 hours per shift, conducts production and commissioning at top speed, and produces mask machines at the speed of three units every three days. By mid-May, the existing 100-machine orders will be fully delivered.

At the end of February, Shiyan Municipal Government asked if Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant could research and develop the mask machine quickly and put them into production quickly? Pandemic is a command! In such a special period, Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant with a 50-year experience in manufacturing automotive and industrial production lines assumed this urgent task without hesitation.

Liu Xiangqing, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant, frankly told the reporter that he felt rather diffident upon receipt of this task. After all, they have never been involved in the medical industry.

For he and his team members, this task is a trans-industry challenge. The materials are melt-blown and non-woven fabrics that are totally unknown to them, rather than various materials of hard boards.

The project team was built quickly. On the day of March 1, Liu Xiangqing and his team completed the preparations such as task assessment, formation of a design team, and investigation of supply chain. Four days later, they designed two intelligent mask production lines. Since March 5, they began accepting orders.

They stayed up to complete commissioning of the first mask machine in the small hours of March 26. On April 7, 10 mask machines have been off the production line.

Within 16 days since production was started on March 20, Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant’s Welding Operation Department, together with Machine Tool, Auto Parts and other operation departments, completed design, manufacturing, assembling and commissioning of the fully-automatic mask machine.

The mask machine has a capacity of 100 masks per minute. “Such capacity is relatively high in the industry. Most of mask machines only have a capacity of 70-80 masks per minute.”, said Chen Liang manager of mask machine project.

“We produce whatever you the market needs.” During the pandemic, masks have become hard-to-get commodities. In the face of new market opportunities, Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant bravely received trans-industry challenge.

After completing design of smart plane mask production line and smart N95 mask production line on March 5, Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant began to accept orders from the network platform.

Although the marketability of the products is expected, the fact that an agent has ordered 50 mask machines on March 8 when we only had a design drawing of the mask machine was unexpected.

“Its marketability is beyond my expectation. The most important reason that they are willing to cooperate with Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant is due to Dongfeng’s good reputation.” Sun Dexin director of Welding Market Department was surprised and unexpected.

Different trades are separated as by mountains. After all, it was the first time for us to enter the medical industry. Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant has also experienced a difficult period of choice. But the first batch of orders undoubtedly set our minds at ease.

“Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant is familiar with equipment, while the agents are familiar with medical industry. We respectively give full play to own superiorities and bear risks.” Based on this judgment, Sun Dexin decisively signed a second order for 50 mask machines with the agent on March 15.

Within a week, we have successfully signed the orders for 100 mask machines. No doubt, it is a cardiac stimulant.

“Next, we will continue to receive orders.” said Sun Dexin. In addition to the plane mask machine, we have started purchasing inquiry for the N95 mask machine, and will continue to receive orders and start production. “In current pandemic situation, the earlier the mask machine can be produced, the more masks that can be delivered to the people earlier. ”.

SOURCE: Dongfeng

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