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Technology in disguise: Aiways MAS impresses with high-quality components

Performance you can trust: With a particularly powerful braking system, advanced ESP and recuperation control, the Aiways U5 SUV and the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé drive safely in every situation

It’s rare to see the Aiways U5 SUV and Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé from below. With their 100,000km service interval, a visit to the lift is a rarity. That is almost a shame given high-quality technology hidden under the bodywork that is well worth seeing. In terms of chassis and braking system, both models offer high-performance and sophisticated components that ensure performance and safety in equal measure.

The exciting parts are often the ones you can’t see. This is literally the case with the MAS platform, which forms the basis for the Aiways U5 SUV and the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé. In addition to the 63-kWh traction battery in sandwich design, above all it is the elaborate chassis kinematics and the powerful braking system that impress and are worthy of a second look.

“Aiways makes the transition to electric mobility achievable and affordable without compromising,” said Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways, explaining the philosophy behind the MAS platform technology. “We want to offer customers the best technology and have created an ideal starting point in terms of price and performance with our More Adaptable Structure.”

Up to 145 kilowatts of recuperation power support the braking system

One advantage of the electric drive is the possibility of recuperation. While in conventionally driven vehicles the kinetic energy is converted unused into heat by the braking system, electric vehicles can also use the engine as a generator and thus recover the energy of the movement before feeding it back into the battery. In the case of the new Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé with the in-house developed AI-PT powertrain, the maximum recuperation power is 145 kilowatts, while the Aiways U5 SUV recuperates up to 140 kilowatts, which can be charged back into the battery during the braking phase.

The braking process is controlled by the vacuum-independent and purely electromechanical second-generation Bosch iBooster brake booster. With maximum system dynamics for rapid brake pressure buildup, it not only ensures shorter braking distances during emergency braking, but also optimum pedal feel and improved brake control.

Regenerative braking with up to 0.3g for all everyday situations

Together with Bosch ESP® 9.3 HEV, the iBooster ensures particularly efficient control of recuperation. The intelligent application ensures that vehicles on the Aiways MAS platform can represent decelerations of up to 0.3g purely via recuperation. This covers almost all braking processes common in normal everyday traffic. The reduction in energy consumption required for driving due to regenerative braking can be as much as 20 percent, depending on the route and speed profile.

Although the conventional hydraulic braking system is rarely used in this environment, Aiways has opted for a particularly powerful braking system when equipping the MAS platform. Disc brakes with a diameter of 314×30 millimeters are used at the front and 314×12 millimeters at the rear, providing a large friction surface for the brake pads. On the front axle, not only internally ventilated discs are used, but also two-piston fist calipers that enable particularly high braking force.

“With the MAS platform brake system, Aiways is going against the current industry trend, which is again increasingly relying on drum brakes,” explains Zeeshan Shaikh, Head of Aiways Technical Center Munich. “Despite the very high recuperation performance and the integration of the Bosch iBooster and the Bosch ESP® system, we have placed emphasis on the highest braking performance and load capacity. This allows us to offer our customers the greatest possible safety even under the highest loads.”

Sophisticated chassis design ensures the combination of comfort and dynamics

In addition to the braking system, the chassis of the Aiways U5 SUV and the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé is also very sophisticated in terms of design. The front-engine, front-wheel-drive layout not only ensures good space utilization, but also good traction and high driving safety in adverse road conditions. The electronically assisted steering system on the McPherson front axle can be adapted to the driver’s wishes using three different modes.

A complex multi-link design is used on the rear axle of all vehicles based on the MAS platform. By separating the longitudinal and lateral force-supporting control arms, it is possible to achieve not only greater driving safety, but also improved ride comfort with a simultaneous increase in driving dynamics due to the finer design of the elastokinematics. Thanks to the generous use of aluminum components in the rear axle, the design is also lighter than comparable systems.

SOURCE: Aiways

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