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Tata Motors: Moving India forward at AutoExpo 2023

Tata Motors showcases a wide range of Safer, Smarter and Greener mobility solutions

Highlights of the Tata Motors pavilion at Auto Expo 2023:

  • Envisions the future as Moving India – Safer, Smarter, Greener
  • Transforms mobility with 26 aspirational, future ready passenger & commercial vehicle concepts
  • Leads ‘zero emission mobility’ with widest range of smart and green technologies in multi-fuel options
  • Sets new benchmarks in safety, design, capacity, and comfort for an Aspiring India
  • Offers immersive engagements for visitors to experience and celebrate the future

At the prestigious Auto Expo 2023, Tata Motors, India’s largest auto and mobility solutions company, today unveiled its future ready range of safer, smarter and greener vehicles and concepts, designed to transform personal mobility, people mobility and cargo transport. Building on its fundamental strengths of engineering and innovation, its immense passion for ‘made in India’ and by embracing a human centric, hi-tech approach, Tata Motors is Moving India forward towards new dimensional innovations by providing holistic solutions and richer experiences to its customers.

Inaugurating the Tata Motors pavilion and unveiling its extensive range of vehicles, concepts and solutions, Mr. N Chandrasekaran, Executive Chairman, Tata Sons and Chairman, Tata Motors said, “We are leading sustainability, energy transition and digitalization led transformation in each of our businesses. With emphasis on zero emission powertrains, cutting-edge technologies, advanced design engineering and best-in-class services, Tata Motors is accelerating the adoption of sustainable mobility and ‘net zero’ carbon emission goals. At the Auto Expo 2023, we are proud to present our vision of the future and its manifestation through our new age vehicles, concepts and smart mobility solutions.”

With the largest display of vehicles, concepts and solutions for both people and cargo mobility at the Auto Expo 2023, Tata Motors is demonstrating its leadership, commitment and future readiness to holistically fulfil the evolving mobility needs of a rising India.

Highlights of the Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles display at Auto Expo 2023:

Tata Motors aspires net-zero emissions by 2045 for commercial vehicle business

Unveils 14 exclusive vehicles & concepts representing, India’s greenest, smartest, and most advanced range of logistics & mass mobility solutions

First in India: Most comprehensive range of greener sustainable logistics and mass mobility solutions across CV segments, powered by natural gas, electric and hydrogen

Showstopper: Showcasing the decarbonization pathway concept for long-haul trucking, with 4 clean propulsion technologies integrated in the Prima range: Hydrogen ICE, Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV, Battery EV & LNG

Unique Hydrogen propulsion concepts:

  • Starbus Fuel cell EV- India’s first Hydrogen fuel cell bus for commercial application
  • PRIMA E.55S– India’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered Tractor concept
  • PRIMA H.55S– India’s first hydrogen ICE powered concept truck


  • Signa (28 to 55 T range), underpinned by the new generation, all-energy architecture and modern cabin for M&HCV segment
  • Azura (7 to 19T range), underpinned by the new generation architecture for I&LCV segment, with all new exteriors and interiors
  • Ultra E.9– Zero emission, smart logistics city truck for intracity high-capacity urban cargo transportation
  • Magic EV– Electrified version of India’s favourite last-mile passenger transport
  • Prima E.28K– Zero emission versatile tipper concept for Mining and closed loop applications


  • Ace EV- Zero emission last mile distribution small commercial vehicle
  • Starbus EV- State-of-the-art, Zero emission, Urban public transport solution


  • Yodha CNG & Intra V20 BiFuel (long range)- new CNG powered pick-ups
  • Prima G.35K- India’s first LNG Tipper for heavy duty applications
  • Winger: Premium version of popular Winger with luxurious interiors that re-defines the ride comfort

Exhibits: smart digital and connected vehicle offerings: e-Dukaan, Fleet Edge & Fleet Management Solution

Speaking about the future of mobility from the commercial vehicle perspective, Mr. Girish Wagh, Executive Director, Tata Motors, said,” We are leading the global megatrend of sustainable, connected, and safer mobility in India. With our goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045, we are transforming mobility by re-imagining our entire product portfolio, value chain and operations. Today, we have unveiled India’s cleanest, smartest, and most advanced range of logistics and mass mobility solutions across all segments of commercial vehicles. Underpinned by the state-of-the-art propulsion technologies, we are uniquely positioned to offer in every segment multiple green fuel options- natural gas, electric, and hydrogen. Our commitment and proactive actions towards zero-emission technologies will enable customers to progressively and seamlessly transition to cleaner and commercially viable mobility solutions, both over the short and long term.”

Highlights of the Tata Motors Passenger & Electric Vehicles display at Auto Expo 2023:

Tata Motors aspires net-zero emissions by 2040 for passenger vehicle business

Presents 12 vehicles and concepts of India’s best designed, smartest and greenest range of personal mobility solutions

  • Showstopper: SIERRA.EV, a timeless design created with ‘Human Experience’ at its core
  • First in India: All-wheel drive electric SUV, HARRIER.EV, a Bold, Powerful, Intelligent vehicle developed on the Gen 2 architecture
  • Public debut: AVINYA concept, an expression of a pure electric vehicle built on the GEN 3 architecture – introduces a new typology of mobility that liberates enormous roominess and comfort
  • ICE version of the Concept CURVV, merges robust appeal of SUV with the perfect balance between elegance, performance and practicality
  • Disrupts CNG segment: full boot space in Altroz iCNG and Punch iCNG – revolutionary twin-cylinder technology delivers super space and performance
  • For performance enthusiasts: Sets pulse racing with the Altroz Racer and the sporty version of the Tiago.ev in their fun to drive avatars with gritty on-road presence

Speaking about the future of mobility from the passenger vehicles perspective, Mr. Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd., said, “The Passenger Vehicle business has been focused on creating innovations and disruptions to constantly move India forward. With our ‘New Forever’ philosophy, we have refreshed and upgraded our portfolio with speed and agility, in line with fast evolving customer needs and lifestyles. We are creating India centric, new age personal mobility solutions by deploying smarter and safer technologies. We are investing in world class powertrains to deliver low emissions and superior performance. Today, we are unveiling design innovations in CNG that will disrupt established norms and are presenting modern body-styles with the concept Curvv in its ICE avatar for the aspiring Indians.

We are driving towards a greener future mandate which demands an urgent collaborative action to reduce carbon emission. With an aim to attain net zero emission by 2040, we are spearheading this mission on the back of our three-gen EV architecture strategy. With the Tiago.ev, we have disrupted the market by making EVs more accessible. Today, we have unveiled products across Gen 2 and Gen 3 architecture with the Avinya, Harrier.EV and our showstopper-Sierra.EV which will make EVs more aspirational. EV contribution in our portfolio is likely to increase to 25% in 5 years and reach 50% by 2030.”

SOURCE: Tata Motors

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