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Start & drive excellence predict: miles ahead in maintenance

Renault Trucks is launching Start & Drive Excellence Predict, its predictive maintenance contract

Renault Trucks is launching Start & Drive Excellence Predict, its predictive maintenance contract. Tried and tested for two years in twelve countries, this service offers customers maximum vehicle uptime and thus greater productivity.

By taking action before the breakdown occurs, Renault Trucks gives its customers complete peace of mind. Its Start & Drive Excellence Predict predictive maintenance contract halves downtime and makes sure the fleet stays on the road.

Start & Drive Excellence Predict is based on a carefully managed service schedule and the analysis of technical data collected in real-time thanks to vehicle connectivity.

An up-to-date optimised service schedule

To ensure good-as-new vehicle performance, Renault Trucks offers a tailor-made service schedule adapted to the specific usage of each truck. To make life simpler for the customer and cut costs right from the start, it is the dealer who schedules and carries out maintenance operations as well as handling the paperwork.

Thanks to vehicle connectivity and real-time telematic reports on mileage, engine hours and fuel consumption, maintenance operations can be carefully scheduled and automatically updated once a week.

Keeping an eye on wear parts

Unscheduled maintenance tends to be more costly and involve longer downtime but with Start & Drive Excellence Predict, dealers receive an update on the state of wear of key parts (air dryer cartridge, brake pads, clutch discs, battery) every three days.

This means that wear can be carefully monitored and analysed and if any abnormal or premature wear is detected, the dealer immediately contacts the customer.

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SOURCE: Renault Trucks

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