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‘Special Report: The evolution of Europe’s auto industry’

Automotive World’s European auto industry report explores the impact of connected, automated, shared and electrified mobility on one of the world’s largest vehicle markets

A new Automotive World report investigates the way that connected, automated, shared and electrified mobility is shaping the European auto industry.

Europe’s automotive industry is undergoing major change, shaped by ongoing fallout from the 2015 diesel scandal, tightening emissions regulations, a long-term overcapacity problem and changing buyer preferences—all set against the backdrop of a cyclical market downturn.

This exclusive Automotive World special report looks at how the region is preparing for electrification, automation and sharing; also addressed are Europe’s attempts to shake off its long-standing diesel addiction, and the implications of the recent trade deal with Japan. The report opens with an exclusive article by Sean O’Flynn of AlixPartners, which sets the scene for the changes to come.

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • Is Europe’s auto industry ready for the next generation of mobility?
  • Long-game essential as Europe’s automakers prepare for CASE mobility
  • Opportunity knocks for Europe’s EV industry, but dominance not guaranteed
  • Clear regulatory framework for AVs essential for Europe to remain competitive
  • Can the sharing economy shift Europe from ownership to usership?
  • Effective, clean alternatives needed to help Europe get over diesel
  • Free trade with Japan alters the course of Europe’s auto industry

‘Special Report: The evolution of Europe’s auto industry’ provides insight from a range of stakeholders with a vested interest in Europe’s auto industry, including:

  • Accenture
  • AlixPartners
  • Automotive Reports
  • EasyMile
  • European Federation for Transport & Environment (T&E)
  • EY
  • KPMG
  • Moody’s
  • Nokia Growth Partners
  • VDL Bus & Coach
  • Volkswagen
  • Vulog

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