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Smart solutions: Aiways uses innovative processes for lean manufacturing

No wasted resources: Clear focus on all-electric drives ensures very lean production and full capacity of development resources for one platform

The switch to electromobility has put many processes in a very conservative industry to the test. The pressure to innovate has never been greater, and the number of new competitors has never been as numerous. Aiways has gained a smart advantage with a highly automated, highly digitalized production facility in Shangrao which compliments an extremely flexible vehicle architecture.

The automotive industry is undergoing the greatest period of upheaval since its beginnings over a hundred years ago. New agile vehicle manufacturers are challenging conventions and setting a technological revolution in motion. It is Aiways’ declared goal to break completely new ground in this new constellation.

Aiways is pursuing this path consistently and 100 percent electrically: “We are building innovative cars for a better future of sustainable mobility and developing completely new worlds for their passengers,” promises company founder Samuel Fu. But the focus is also on affordable, spacious and safe electric mobility, because Aiways wants to make the switch from conventional drives easier for everyone and make the technology more accessible.

MAS platform as flexible basis for up to 15 models with high commonality

The basis for this revolution is the innovative “More Adaptable Structure”-Platform. The name already reveals its versatility, which it takes into account with up to 15 possible models based on it. Its versatility is not only related to the various body shapes, but even to vehicle segments and drive variants. In addition to the already familiar compact SUV and SUV coupe models, Aiways U5 and Aiways U6, both smaller and larger variants in the popular sport utility vehicle segment are conceivable. However, the MAS platform also supports family vans (MPV) or classic sedans and station wagons, which are very important for Europe in particular.

“Our platform is the heart of the brand. With its intelligent design, we can achieve up to 90 percent commonality,” explains Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways. “This saves an extremely large amount of development time and allows us to launch a new vehicle every year. Especially in the small and cost-sensitive electric vehicle segment, this will give us a significant competitive advantage.”

The next generation of vehicle manufacturing thanks to globally leading partners

With an automation rate of over 90 percent and the use of innovative manufacturing processes, the Aiways production plant in Shangrao is one of the most modern in the world, but above all it is the “Aiways Smart Factory” system developed together with Siemens that makes the plant truly unique. The Aiways AI Research development operates a digital twin of manufacturing that replicates real production processes in real time and performs a constant target/actual value comparison. Whether it is the exact defined timing, raw materials or tools to be used: the virtual world and real manufacturing are always in sync. This means not only can the best layout for production be found in advance, but 100 percent quality can also be guaranteed during operation.

In order to safeguard this claim in the long term, Aiways relies on only the best names in the competition when selecting suppliers and service providers. The body shop at the plant in Shangrao, for example, is equipped by Kuka where 410 robots are capable of producing 30 body shells per minute. The paint shop, which is equipped by Eisenmann and covers almost 60,000 square meters, requires up to 50% less energy and also produces almost 90% fewer chemicals to be recycled compared to conventional plants, thanks to paints supplied by BASF. The heart of the plant, assembly, has been fully equipped by German specialist Dürr and is also monitored in real time by the cloud-based virtual twin factory.

Currently, 150,000 vehicles can be produced annually at the Shangrao site. Up to six different models can roll off the line in parallel without retooling work, and only minor measures are required for expansion. The planned maximum capacity utilization of the advanced plant is up to 300,000 annual units with 1,200 employees.

SOURCE: Aiways

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