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Rheinmetall wins orders for exhaust gas recirculation and back pressure valves worth a three-digit million euro amount from long-standing existing customers

Rheinmetall wins new order from long-standing customer

The technology group Rheinmetall has received another order from an existing customer in the commercial vehicle segment to supply a six-figure number of high-pressure valves. This order, which follows on from a customer relationship that has existed for more than ten years, totals a low three-digit million euro amount.

Rheinmetall supplies the customer as a Tier1 supplier. The current order relates to the manufacturer’s truck segment. The order was for high-pressure valves for the areas of exhaust gas recirculation and exhaust gas back pressure. These two important components in an internal combustion engine serve to reduce harmful emissions, on the one hand by returning nitrogen oxide emissions to the combustion process and on the other hand by optimizing engine performance.

Production of this batch will start in January 2027 and end in 2030. The contract also includes the supply of spare parts amounting to around 10% of annual sales. The components impress with their cost-effective, fail-safe design and long service life. They can withstand high thermal and mechanical loads. This has enabled Rheinmetall to successfully assert itself against market competitors. Over the long years of the partnership, the Group has continuously developed the components in order to achieve the current level of performance and meet customer expectations.

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) reduces pollutants in gasoline and diesel engines. Exhaust gas is extracted behind the cylinders, passed through the EGR valve and mixed back into the intake air. This means less oxygen gets into the cylinders. This achieves a lower combustion temperature and reduces the amount of nitrogen oxides by up to 70 percent – because the higher the temperature, the more harmful nitrogen oxides are produced. In diesel vehicles, counter-pressure valves are also used in the intake tract. They ensure the necessary pressure difference between the exhaust and suction sides in order to achieve the required high exhaust gas recirculation rates. Carbon dioxide emissions and consumption can be reduced overall.

The order is a new order that follows ongoing production. There is further potential for this engine platform and in the area of ​​the next generation of drives.

Rheinmetall is a system partner for all questions regarding the precise regulation of the exhaust gas recirculation rate, regardless of whether diesel or gasoline engines, whether passenger cars, commercial vehicles or industrial engines. The portfolio of expertise ranges from high-pressure and low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation systems, cold-side or hot-side construction, “smart” or “non-smart” as well as metal or plastic housings. The products are individually tailored to the needs of the customers.

Despite the great importance of modern, emission-free mobility, the market segment for diesel-powered commercial vehicles will continue to generate high demand for a long time to come. With this order, Rheinmetall is underlining its expertise as a competent partner in global vehicle construction across all model variants, not only in the area of ​​modern, purely electrically powered vehicles, but also in the area of ​​classic drives and, in particular, emissions reduction.

SOURCE: Rheinmetall

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