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Panasonic debuts SPACe_C: a scalable eMobility concept

A 48V lifestyle platform vehicle designed for mobility, commerce and services that delivers more power and more versatility in a smaller package

Panasonic Corporation announced today that it has developed the next generation of a new 48V ePowertrain platform for small electric vehicles (EVs). The new platform is significantly improved from the CES 2018 model by doubling the output while reducing the size of its volume and weight. At CES 2019(from January 8 to 11, 2019, in Las Vegas), the company will exhibit SPACe_C*1, a conceptual small mobility vehicle. It is based on this platform and can be separated into upper and lower structures.

Global demand for EVs is expected to expand rapidly, along with a wide variety of new mobility, which suit various lifestyles and uses in each region. Panasonic Corporation developed a 48V ePowertrain platform for small EVs that meets the demand, and introduced it at CES 2018. The platform Panasonic developed is an energy-efficient, safe powertrain that features integrated compactness, high efficiency, and flexible scalability. The platform will help reduce costs and lead time for vehicle development by scaling up or down the combination of basic units in accordance with vehicle specifications such as size, speed and torque.

The new platform consists of basic units, including a power unit (with an on-board charger, junction box, inverter and DC-to-DC converter) and a motor unit. The output is 18 kW, which is double that of the conventional product (8 kW) for the same volume (output density: two-fold). This has been achieved by reviewing the motor design and cooling structure. The conventional product required parts that consisted of two units to attain the same output. Due to the increased output, the number of units required has been reduced to one, resulting in the reduced size of the platform. The new platform will help further reduce the weight of small EVs, increase cabin space, and extend driving range. The company will offer the new platform to various partners and continue to contribute to the widespread use of EVs and creation of new businesses.

SPACe_C is a small mobility vehicle based on a new concept that employs the new platform. It is designed to closely connect people with products and services, support people’s lives, propose new applications for small mobility vehicles in tourist and urban areas, and revitalize communities. The expected use case of SPACe_C is to deliver temperature controlled food, packages for a consumption and online world, serve to educate riders while moving to location, act as a meeting zone for busy professionals, become the next hot retail pop-up store as a delicious food truck to feed hungry travelers or merely for people to utilize to get around town.

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SOURCE: Panasonic

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