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OpenSynergy’s automotive virtual platform featured at CES 2022

COQOS Hypervisor supports 4th Generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platform

OpenSynergy, the Berlin-based company for embedded software in cars, has announced today that its automotive virtualization platform — the COQOS Hypervisor Software Development Kit (SDK) — has been ported onto the latest Snapdragon® Automotive Development Platform (ADP) and will be demonstrated at the 2022 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 5th through 8th at the Qualcomm Technologies booth. Based on the 4th Generation Snapdragon® Cockpit Platforms, the Snapdragon ADP with OpenSynergy’s virtualization technology will demonstrate premium user experiences, as well as features for safety, comfort and reliability, depicting how the platform aims to raise the bar for digital cockpit solutions for next-generation vehicles.

The demonstration will showcase a Cockpit Domain Controller deploying a Linux and an Android Operating Systems running on top of COQOS virtualization platform and Snapdragon ADP, showcasing two operating systems sharing devices, such as a graphics processing unit (GPU), block device and touch input, using the open standard, Virtual I/O (VIRTIO). Here, Linux will host the Instrument Cluster, while Android will host the in-vehicle infotainment.

VIRTIO is a sharing framework managed by the OASIS Open Consortium and is open source. It provides the transport layer and device models for the computing devices such as Block Storage, Network, Console, GPU, Input, etc. The advantage of using VIRTIO instead of proprietary sharing frameworks is that components using VIRTIO can be easily be exchanged, allowing customers to eliminate the dependencies of the software to the underlying hardware. This, in turn, allows OEMs and Tier Ones to easily port their existing software on top of different System on Chips (SoC). COQOS Hypervisor SDK relies on VIRTIO and is currently the most mature VIRTIO-based virtualization solution in the automotive domain.

Qualcomm Technologies and OpenSynergy continue the successful ongoing working relationship that was initiated with the Snapdragon® 820 Automotive Platform. “The cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies has grown stronger in the past several years,” said OpenSynergy GmbH’s CEO Regis Adjamah. “The 4th generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platform has become one of our most important references to develop the standards-based automotive virtual platform for the next generation of cars.”

A significant step in the companies’ work together was taken in August 2021 when OpenSynergy released the virtual Android™ reference platform (Trout v 0.9), which was based on Android 11, a Snapdragon board support package (BSP), and the Virtual I/O (VIRTIO)-based COQOS Hypervisor SDK.

OpenSynergy Product Manager Isaac Trefz explains that “at CES we will show our newest version of the automotive virtual platform COQOS Hypervisor SDK on the latest Snapdragon Cockpit Platform. We believe carmakers will get countless opportunities for innovations by porting integrated applications from existing hardware systems to this powerful cockpit solution provided by Qualcomm Technologies and OpenSynergy.”

SOURCE: OpenSynergy

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