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Online world première: MAN will unveil a new product exclusively on YouTube for the first time!

On 11 February 2021, MAN Truck & Bus will mark two firsts at once by revealing another exciting highlight from the new MAN Truck Generation in the new “MAN QuickStop” format on YouTube

The first episode of “MAN QuickStop” on 11 February 2021 will mark the new MAN Truck Generation’s first birthday by unveiling a new product. MAN is breaking new ground in two senses by holding this première online and streaming the new “QuickStop” series on YouTube. New products and innovations will be at the heart of the new format, which will be broadcast monthly on the official MAN YouTube channel.

Actor and comedian John Friedman, who rose to fame playing “Erkan” in the comedy duo “Erkan and Stefan”, will be hosting the series. Joining him will be other guests who work at MAN and its partner companies to develop vehicles and launch them onto the road. They will provide exclusive, behind-the-scenes views and answer questions from the online community. And even customers who drive their MAN trucks, vans, and buses in their jobs will play an important part.

With its enormous audience – especially among fans of commercial vehicles – YouTube has become an ideal platform for MAN to present its products in a way that is both informative and entertaining. That is why this format will be used to present a new product highlight for the first time – exactly one year after MAN unveiled its new truck generation to the world. Stay tuned: MAN YouTube channel

SOURCE: MAN Truck & Bus

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