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Nissan ready to support Thailand’s safe COVID-19 restriction ease & customer confidence

After Thailand's Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) eased some disease controls, Nissan Thailand is ready to ensure customer confidence and safety with in-depth safety protocols, and support Thailand's' economic recovery

After Thailand’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) eased some disease controls, Nissan Thailand is ready to ensure customer confidence and safety with in-depth safety protocols, and support Thailand’s’ economic recovery.

The adjusted measures from September 1, lift various coronavirus restrictions and permit gatherings of up to 25 people, as a necessary action to safely revive the economy. Nissan’s protocols are in-line with authorities requesting business operators to ensure service staff are fully vaccinated and regularly tested with antigen kits. And that people nationwide must continue abiding by the health and safety measures, assigned by the Ministry of Health.

“Nissan Thailand would like to give confidence and support to our customers and partners nationwide, as we transition into a period of eased restrictions.  The health and safety of customers, employees, communities and stakeholders is Nissan’s highest priority. Each part of our business has measures designed to keep the highest levels of safety, in compliance with the CCSA’s mandate to lower the spread of COVID-19,” said Isao Sekiguchi, President of Nissan Thailand. “Nissan Thailand believes that careful management and implementation of restrictions will support the Thai economy to recover and prevent the spread of COVID-19, with everyone’s collaboration.”

Nissan dealerships will adhere to strict regulations regarding sanitization, staff vaccination and weekly testing, as well as offering at-home disinfected test drives of Nissan Vehicles in 160 Nissan dealerships nationwide. In addition, any public Nissan events or roadshows must strictly follow staff screening and testing, sanitization, and on-site COVID testing for all staff to ensure safety of all visitors interested in Nissan’s cars. (All protocols listed below).

“In partnership with Nissan Thailand, all Nissan dealers across the country are equipped and ready to safely welcome customers to visit dealerships, enjoy car servicing, test drives and more by adhering to the highest regulations as ordained by the Thai government. We agree that Thai economic recovery is an important factor, which must be cared for, just like the highest medical care and vaccination process. We are happy to welcome customers, and we want them to always feel confident in Nissan’s protocols and services. In this present situation, our dealers will also continue to help our customers and communities who are impacted from COVID as much as we can. This is to assure that the Nissan dealer network is still contributing to society and our country,” said Chalermwat Treeratwattana, Chairman of Nissan Thailand’s Dealer Advisory Board.

To support the safety of all, Nissan has implemented the following preventive and disease-control measures:

Nissan Dealership Safety Regulations

  1. Screening point must be at every Dealership access point.
  2. Check employee and customer body temperature, daily name record for those who pass the screening point.
  3. Anyone with higher than 37.5 degree Celsius temperature will be prohibited from accessing the showroom or service area.
  4. Employees with temperature higher than 37.5 degree Celsius, must stop working and consult a doctor. Can only return to work after showing proof of being COVID-free.
  5. All customers and employees must wear face mask at all times to access and remain in showroom/service area.
  6. Alcohol gel provided at every touch point, especially in frequent contact areas: consultation room, customer lounge, delivery area, and service reception.
  7. 1-meter minimum social distancing rules.
  8. Customer lounge area must have table arrangement at least 2 meters apart, or 1.5 meter high partition in between table.
  9. Disinfect tables and chairs after every service to customer.
  10. In-depth disinfection every 2 hours, especially in frequent contact areas: restrooms, customer lounge, service reception, and consultation rooms.
  11. Preference to offer customer appointments to reduce congestion at the venue.
  12. Avoid paying in cash to reduce physical contact. Offer other payment methods such as e-money transfer or PromptPay.
  13. Explain Nissan’s protocol regarding COVID-19 to every customer.

Nissan Sales Staff Vaccination Rules

  • Nissan strictly follows the government protocol towards dealership staff vaccination. Sales and service staff who have direct contact with customers must have proof of 2 vaccination shots, or show proof of negative COVID-19 test results, conducted within 2 days before resuming job duty.
  • If not fully vaccinated (2 shots), dealer frontline staff must be tested by COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit (ATK) with official results reported to dealer’s management every 7 days.

At Home Test Drive Service

  • There is 160 Nissan Dealerships throughout Thailand that offer test drives at home, for customer preference. All vehicles are professionally sanitized between drives.
  • Customers can book Nissan vehicle at-home test drives at

Nissan Public Events and Roadshows:

  • Pre-event Prescreening protocol for all staff and manpower to ensure all are COVID-19 negative, according to government regulations.
  • On-site COVID-19 testing at all Nissan events, for all staff.
  • Precautionary measures during the event: Temperature checking for all visitors, Thaichana registration, compulsory face masks for all staff and visitors, 1-meter social distancing, alcohol gel at all main areas, sanitization of all customer touchpoints after each customer, full sanitization area spraying 2-times per day and prior and post-event.

SOURCE: Nissan

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