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Nissan Opens In Mexico The First Electric Vehicle Quick Charging Station In Latin America

Nissan, the global leader in electric vehicles, celebrated the opening ceremony of the first public electric vehicle quick-charging station in Latin America. Joined by Martha Delgado, the Mexico City Environment Minister and Jordy Herrera Flores, the Federal Government’s Minister of Energy, this important event was headed by Carlos Ghosn, chairman and CEO of Nissan; Jose Muñoz, senior vice president of Nissan LATAM, Customer Quality and Dealer Network Development-Americas, and Jose Luis Valls, president and general manager of Nissan in Mexico.

“We take seriously our role in developing public-private alliances to create adequate conditions for zero emissions mobility. Since we established our commitment to a zero emissions future for transportation, we have sold more than 50,000 Nissan LEAF electric vehicles in over 100 countries and placed more than 1,000 charging stations worldwide,” said Carlos Ghosn.

Nissan Mexicana launched its first pilot program for electric vehicles in Mexico City in 2011,followed by a similar program in the state of Aguascalientes in 2012. The objective is to showcase the technology while building experience and evidence of the Nissan LEAF potential under various driving conditions in México. Nissan LEAF is also part of the fleet used by Carrot a car-sharing company.

“No other car company is demonstrating the level of commitment that Nissan has to zero emissions mobility. We do not plan to stop here. Our intention is to donate six additional charging stations in other cities around the country, helping to build EV charging station corridors that complement existing infrastructure and the resources available at users’ homes,” added Jose Luis Valls.

These efforts build upon the accomplishments made in partnerships with the public and private sectors to place three public charging stations in Mexico City, eight in Aguascalientes and other 50 locations, including Nissan’s corporate offices and three dealers’ facilities.

Two Nissan dealers in México City and one in Aguascalientes already are certified to service Nissan LEAF electric vehicles.

Moreover, in 2012, the company launched the Nissan LEAF Ambassador Program where opinion leaders, such as employees, government officials, media and captains of industry, test drive the electric vehicle in their daily lives, provide feedback to Nissan and help spread the word on the potential and convenience of this technology for México. Under this program, more than 150 pioneers have experienced the Nissan LEAF and will enjoy the convenience of a quick-charging station starting immediately.

Nissan ́s mid-term strategic global plan, known as Power 88 (P88), includes the objective of driving leadership in electric vehicles. This reflects the long term perspective of the company, which plans to launch three new electric vehicles, besides the Nissan LEAF, including a light commercial vehicle, a premium Infiniti car (luxury business unit) and a new model for the entry segment.


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