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Nissan Charge EV customers receive another boost with access to IONITY’s European fast-charger network

Nissan Charge app subscribers can now access IONITY's network of 1,600 fast-chargers in 24 European markets

Users of the Nissan Charge app will receive full access to the charging network of IONITY, Europe’s leading highway charging network, in preparation of the electrifying product offensive expected this year led by the all-new Ariya and Townstar EV.

Bringing Nissan’s mission of driving forward electric mobility and achieving a more sustainable society one step closer to reality, the expansion enables Nissan Charge users to plug into IONITY’s widespread network of 1,600 fast-charging units in 24 countries across Europe.

When purchasing a new Nissan Charge subscription, future customers of Nissan Ariya and Townstar EV will receive lower pricing rates when accessing IONITY’s charging stations through the Nissan Charge app, available to download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

“Nissan is moving forward into an exciting era of electrification. We are committed to support our customers joining us on this journey to an electrified and sustainable future. Expanding Nissan Charge subscribers’ access to IONITY’s fast and reliable charging network is yet another reinforcement of that commitment.” said Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President, Product Strategy and Pricing, Nissan AMIEO.

With a charging capacity of up to 350kW, IONITY’s infrastructure uses the Combined Charging System (CCS), and is the largest and fastest CCS network along major highways in Europe.

The IONITY network is primed to support customers of Nissan’s all-new CCS-compatible electric vehicles, the upcoming Ariya coupé-crossover and Townstar electric van, with both models offering reliable rapid-charge functionality for peace of mind on the road.

“It’s great to see how Nissan is providing its customers access to our high-power charging network, which in fact, is open to all electric vehicle brands,” said Frank Plaschka, Head of Marketing, Brand & Communications, IONITY.

“Nissan drivers will benefit from a network that stretches across 24 European countries and is powered by 100% renewable energy in all locations. Nissan’s commitment will accelerate the shift towards e-mobility and – at the same time – support IONITY’s ambition to enable electric travel for everyone,” continued Frank Plaschka.

Nissan Charge app – easy charging on the move

Founded in partnership with Plugsurfing, the leading e-mobility platform, the Nissan Charge app provides customers with access to a network of more than 250,000 public charging points across Europe.

“Our partnership with Nissan is an important cornerstone of the charging alliance we’re building with our partners; and by enabling IONITY subscriptions with Nissan Charge app it only benefits the EV ecosystem and the shift towards e-mobility we are all working on.,” said Tatu Kulla, CEO, Plugsurfing.

Managed entirely through the Nissan Charge app, the service enables Nissan EV owners to search for and navigate to the optimum public charging point. The app also offers the ability to start and stop charging sessions remotely for added convenience.

The Nissan Charge app gives subscribers access to the charging infrastructure of Nissan’s extensive group of dealerships – with the brand pursuing expansion of this charging network across 18 European countries and aiming for 70% network coverage by 2024.

“With this expanded access our customers will be able to enjoy longer electrified journeys with confidence, bringing yet more reasons to embrace the world of electric vehicles and experience the benefits they have to offer,” added Arnaud Charpentier.

The ongoing development of Nissan’s public charger offering is the latest step in Ambition 2030 – the company’s long-term plan to empower mobility and society. Responding to customer demands for a diverse range of exciting vehicles, the brand is committed to launching 23 new electrified models – including 15 fully electric vehicles – by 2030.

SOURCE: Nissan

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