New Opel Astra with Intelli-Air for optimum interior air quality

Breathe cleanly: Highly effective system with automatic air exchange

The new Opel Astra and the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer keep the air cleaner. Outside, highly efficient drivetrains enable the lowest emissions possible, while inside, cleaning systems such as the new Intelli-Air ensure that all passengers have healthy air to breathe. The latter is more important than ever at this time of year when the hay fever season has begun again for many people with allergies.

“During the development of the new Astra generation, we made perceived quality a priority and therefore focused on every detail”, said Astra Chief Engineer, Mariella Vogler. “We increase safety for all road users with state-of-the-art technologies and we do the same for the comfort and health of Astra passengers. A pleasant interior climate makes a decisive contribution to comfort – this where the new Intelli-Air system plays an important role.”

Keeping an eye on interior air quality with Intelli-Air

Intelli-Air combines highly effective air and particulate filters with an air quality monitoring system. It continuously controls the state of the interior air, initiating an automatic exchange when the air becomes stale. The air quality is controlled by the position of the recirculation vent. When the exterior air quality is poor, the car’s air quality sensor (AQS) closes the vent so that no pollutants can enter the car’s interior. However, if the interior air is stale or tainted, e.g. through smoking or dust on clothing, the vent opens to supply the passengers with fresher air.

Thanks to Intelli-Air, the interior air of the new Astra remains as clean as possible. The passengers can even see this for themselves: the system informs them of the air quality via the large colour touchscreen. It displays a car-shaped emoji that is based on the international AQI (Air Quality Index). The colour of the emoji changes according to the standard of the air in the interior. The standard of the air in the passenger compartment is monitored by a PM 2.5 sensor that can detect particulates up to 2.5 micrometre in size.

Active carbon combination filters against gases and odours

Intelli-Air ensures good air quality standards in the new Astra in combination with Opel original particulate and activated carbon combination filters, that are also available in many other Opel models. These consist of two layers and can therefore not only keep particles out the interior, but also filter out odours and gases such as ozone. Best of all, pollen is almost 100 per cent eliminated.

The quality of the filters meets the highest standards. The filter material is water-repellent, which prevents it from freezing in winter or becoming home to bacteria. Despite the high filter performance, a good air permeability is ensured. The filter should be changed once every 12 months to ensure clean interior air all year round. A filter management system in the new Astra informs the driver when an exchange is necessary.

Ideal behaviour during the pollen season

Everyone can play a part in protecting themselves from a hay fever attack while driving. With high pollen concentration, you should only drive a car with the windows closed and let Intelli-Air and the filters take care of the rest. This also benefits road safety – if drivers have to sneeze more often, the risk of accidents increases. In downtown traffic, for example, a car can travel 20 metres in the time it takes to sneeze; at 100 km/h the driver might not have their eyes on the road for more than 50 metres. It is best to get advice beforehand about the current pollen forecast, for example, from the local weather service.

In addition, motorists should refrain from medication, because the so-called antihistamines can cause drowsiness. Clothes should be taken off in the bathroom, not in the bedroom, and hair washed in the evening so that pollen does not get on the pillow. A rinse with sodium chloride in the morning and evening calms an irritated nose and a damp cloth over the eyes soothes the itching.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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