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New features on IVECO ON Easy Way app make life even easier for IVECO S-Way drivers

The introduction of push notifications keeps the driver informed about the vehicle’s health, Control Room alerts and software updates, helping them avert unplanned stops and maximize the vehicle’s uptime

IVECO has introduced new features in the latest release of its IVECO ON Easy Way app developed to enhance the driver’s life on board its IVECO S-Way heavy-duty truck range by enabling them to control the cab and vehicle management functionalities on their mobile device, as well as accessing a wealth of IVECO ON digital services. The new features further enhance the driver’s experience and facilitate their interaction with the vehicle.

The new release introduces useful push notifications about the vehicle’s health and user information. Very importantly, they will be used to inform the driver about any Control Room alerts and Over the Air updates, helping them to avert breakdowns and maximise the vehicle’s uptime. The notifications, as on other apps, appear on the driver’s mobile device with a red dot, and can also be read on the infotainment system.

In addition, push notification are now integrated with IVECO Driver Pal, so that when the driver vocally activates a remote cab command such as climate scheduling or heating through Amazon Alexa, they will be able to receive confirmation through a push notification on the Easy Way app.

The other new features aim to facilitate pairing operations. Drivers’ feedback has indicated the need for a fast way to pair to the vehicle, without having to look for and enter manually the truck’s VIN Number. This can now be done simply by using the app to read a QR Code shown in the “Vehicle Section” of the Infotainment system of the IVECO S-Way trucks. The IVECO ON Easy Way app has also enhanced the wizard to pair the Alexa Microphone and use the vocal driver companion IVECO Driver Pal.

The IVECO ON Easy Way app is an excellent example of our customer-centric approach to development,” said Fabrizio Conicella, Digital & Advanced Technologies IVECO. “We designed it specifically to make our drivers’ life easier, and it evolves to meet their new requirements. We are constantly seeking their feedback and suggestions and look out for the best practices in various sectors in order to improve the app from their perspective and enhance their user experience.

The IVECO ON Easy Way app was introduced on the IVECO S-Way at its launch in 2019 to provide a single touchpoint to manage cabin and vehicle functionalities and has constantly evolved with improvements and the addition of new features and digital services. These include the integration of IVECO Driver Pal, enabling the driver to interact with the vehicle through vocal commands, helping them to remain focused on the road, consequently improving safety. The app can also be used to operate the cabin functions such as air conditioning, lighting and media, enhancing the driver’s comfort. It also provides access to the Driving Style Evaluation that helps them improve their driving style with suggestions about safe driving, fuel efficiency, and vehicle health. IVECO ON Easy Way app also connects the driver directly to the Remote Assistance Services to programme Over the Air updates of the vehicle’s software. In case of breakdown, the driver can use it to contact IVECO Assistance Non-Stop, the 24-hour assistance service. Finally, the complete IVECO User Manual can be accessed easily on the app.


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