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Maserati Opts For New Continental SportContact 7

Continental was chosen as supplier of new SportContact 7 tires for Maserati’s Levante and Quattroporte models

Maserati has opted to use the SportContact 7 – Continental’s most recent premium tire offering – as original equipment on their Levante and Quattroporte vehicles. As the successor to Continental’s well-established SportContact 6, the winner of numerous comparative tests, the new SportContact 7 embodies state-of-the-art tire engineering expertise to the fullest.

In designing the new tire, a major objective was creating an adaptive tread capable of ideally responding to both wet and dry road conditions. The BlackChili rubber compound used was fine-tuned for optimal traction. As a result, race-track performance shot up by ten percent over that of the previous model, while wet braking distances dropped by eight percent. For braking under dry conditions, the new SportContact 7 beat its predecessor by six percent while also providing 17 percent greater mileage over its service life.

SOURCE: Continental

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