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Lada expends the program of profitable maintenance

LADA announces the expansion of the profitable maintenance program for brand cars.

LADA announces the expansion of the profitable maintenance program for brand cars. Now the “LADA Road Assistance Plus” card will also be available for owners of the LADA brand models, who plan to pass the scheduled maintenance at the official dealerships in the period from June 1 to September 1, 2022.

Depending on the counting number of the maintenance, the owner can get the “LADA Road Assistance Plus” card of the following value:

– when passing the maintenance -1, -2, or -3 – a card for 1 service a year as a gift

– when passing the maintenance-4 – a card for 3 services a year

– when passing the maintenance-5 – for 5 services a year

In May, the same action was available only for the LADA Granta owners, but now its terms are extended to the whole lineup. The “LADA Road Assistance Plus” card can be got not only when passing the maintenance, but it can also be bought at all official LADA dealers at a price starting from 499 rubles. To do this, the dealers have created the necessary stock: throughout 2022, they have got more than 16K cards. Many clients have already used the service, mostly these were calls to the round-the-clock dispatch service for various consultations.

Recall that the “LADA Assistance on the road Plus” is the full-fledged mobility service, which covers the wide range of motorists’ needs. You can use the “LADA Assistance on the road Plus” service within a year since the moment the card was activated. Service package includes evacuation in case of an accident and breakdowns, fuel delivery, replacement of a wheel to a spare one, battery start, advice of lawyer, auto mechanic, as well as search for a forcibly evacuated car.

Under a card you get the service and information support around the clock, the area the assistance on the road is available free of charge includes all cities of Russia the official LADA dealers are located in (and in a radius of up to 50 km from the administrative boundary from these cities). The details of the program are available on the official Company’s website.


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