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Korea Changer tops Honest John Satisfaction Index 2018

The UK’s most satisfying car brand is SsangYong, according to readers of the leading consumer motoring website

The UK’s most satisfying car brand is SsangYong, according to readers of the leading consumer motoring website

The site took ratings based on the feedback of over 10,000 owners, with each car assessed in a variety of important areas including reliability, ride comfort, fuel economy, practicality and performance. Owners also ranked their cars for build quality, ease of use and safety.

SsangYong is Britain’s best performing car manufacturer, with drivers rating it in almost every area in the Honest John Satisfaction Index 2018. Owners praised SsangYong for its reliable and practical cars that are easy to use and comfortable. SsangYong was the only carmaker to notch up an impressive 90 per cent approval rating with drivers.

The best overall car in terms of satisfaction, as well as reliability, was the Toyota Prius, which achieved an overall satisfaction rating of 94.8%, just pipping the Skoda Superb Estate (94.5%) and Skoda Kodiaq (92.5%) to the top position. The two Skoda models took individual honours, though, with the Superb Estate being named Britain’s most comfortable car and the Kodiak the best performing SUV.

The worst performing car in the annual index was the previous generation Vauxhall Astra (produced from 2009 – 2015), while Fiat was named the least satisfying car manufacturer overall.

Meanwhile, NFU Mutual took the honours as the most satisfying car insurance company to do business with, retaining its title from 2017.

“The Satisfaction Index is different from other surveys because it takes real world data from owners who live with their cars day-in, day-out.” said Managing Editor, Dan Powell.

“SsangYong has stormed to the top of the overall manufacturer rankings since it re-launched itself, so clearly the company is doing something right, while Toyota and Skoda continue to shine as the other manufacturers most-rated by UK car buyers.” is the only website in the UK that logs every fault reported with every car. No one should ever contemplate buying a new car that has been on the market for a while, or a used car, without first checking out the complaints listed in the good/bad sections. We should add that this valuable service also helps manufacturers to correct faults that develop with cars out in the real world.

The best and worst performers in the Honest John Satisfaction Index 2018 can be found here.

SOURCE: Honest John

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