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Kia inaugurates five sustainable parks in Latin America as part of Kia Parks project

Kia opens five newly remodeled sustainable parks in Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru

Kia is celebrating the inauguration of five newly remodeled sustainable parks in Latin American countries as part of its Kia Parks program, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability around the world.

Various impactful members of NGO’s and government institutions were in attendance to commemorate the inauguration of each of the Kia Parks.

Located in Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, and Peru, the parks were renovated with recyclable and sustainable materials such as PET plastics, wood and aluminum amongst others to promote the health, wellbeing and natural sustainability of local communities. The locations were chosen based on their potential to positively impact residents and visitors, as well as for their symbolic impact in helping to communicate Kia’s vision as a sustainable mobility solution provider.

“As members of the global society and in keeping with our commitments as a responsible company, we are continually thinking about the contributions we can make for the most socially disadvantaged communities in order to promote healthy and sustainable living, commented Soo Young Lee, President of Kia Central and South America Regional Headquarters.

Maria Elena Machuca, the Minister of Culture and Heritage in Ecuador, said, “This is a wonderful project in favor of our community. We hope to achieve our commitment to the community and responsible business practices for our human heritage and culture.”

In Ecuador, the iconic and globally significant world heritage site of the Galapagos Islands was renewed with much needed improvements. Visitors to the key ports of Baltra and Santa Cruz will now be greeted with completely remodeled amenities, courtesy of Kia, helping to raise awareness for the need to conserve biodiversity and natural beauty in sustainable and eco-friendly ways.

In addition, Kia is installing four EV charging stations in key areas of the Galapagos Islands, among which will be the first solar powered charging station in Ecuador. These efforts will help facilitate the Galapagos Islands’ objective of all new vehicle imports being 100% EV by 2025.

Public parks in Chile, Paraguay and Ecuador were also renewed. These include the Ciudad Deportiva USS in Santiago, Parque Ñu Guasu in Asunción, and Parque de la Mujer y el Niño in Quito. Works to improve the amenities include the revitalization of areas for outdoor sports including tennis and soccer, provision of exercise equipment, replanting of foliage, charging stations for electric vehicles, solar panels, and amenities for people with physical disabilities.

In the case of Peru, Kia renewed recreational facilities in the Puericultorio Pérez Araníbar in Lima, a center that is cherished for its work with and dedication to at risk and abandoned children and adolescents. Through its contributions, Kia hopes to make a significant improvement in the living conditions of the youths cared for by the facility while providing them with the inspiration to grow to make a positive impact on the planet.

The Kia Parks project represents a significant step forward for Kia in its quest to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility solutions, with the company committed to its continued success for years to come, offering inspiring experiences that raise awareness of the need to preserve our environment.


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