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Kia announces August 2023 global sales results

August 2023 global sales at 255,481 units, up 5.2% Y/y

Kia Corporation today announced total global sales of 255,481 units in August 2023, a 5.2 percent increase year over year.

Excluding special purpose vehicles, sales were up 5.8 percent from a year earlier to 212,882 units outside of Korea. In the Korean market, Kia recorded 42,225 unit sales, a 2.4 percent increase year over year.

Kia SUV models led the company’s sales momentum, with the Sportage selling 41,376 units in August. The Seltos and Sorento SUV models followed, selling 31,647 and 21,498 units respectively.

Sales outside of Korea

Kia sales outside of Korea increased by 5.8 percent compared to the same month last year, with 212,882 units sold.

In markets outside of Korea, the Sportage SUV led the sales momentum with 36,166 units. The Sportage was followed by the Seltos SUV, which sold 28,135 units and the K3 (also known as Forte outside of Korea), which sold 17,702 units.

Korea sales

In August, Kia sold 42,225 units in the Korean market, a 2.4 percent increase from the same period last year.

The Sorento SUV led the company’s sales in its home market, with sales of 7,176 units. The Sportage SUV and Carnival MPV followed with sales of 5,210 and 4,937 units respectively.

Kia will continue its sales momentum with the launch of the new Sorento SUV, K5 sedan, and Carnival MPV models in the second half of 2023. Kia also expects its brand proposition to be further strengthened with the new EV9, the company’s first three-row seat electric flagship SUV, soon to be rolled out across global markets.

Subject August-23 August-22 YoY change July-23 MoM change 2023 YTD
2022 YTD
YTD change
Korea sales 42,225 41,240 2.4% 47,424 -11.0% 381,752 354,275 7.8%
Overseas sales 212,882 201,135 5.8% 212,860 0.0% 1,707,045 1,565,838 9.0%
Special Purpose Vehicle sales 374 486 -23.0% 412 -9.2% 3,403 1,967 73.0%
Total sales 255,481 242,861 5.2% 260,696 -2.0% 2,092,200 1,922,080 8.9%

* Sales results are based on wholesale unless otherwise specified
* Monthly sales figures provided in this release are unaudited and on a preliminary basis that may be subject to future update
* With the change in business results categorization in 2023, special purpose vehicle sales are recorded separately
* Special purpose vehicle includes various specialized vehicles and their sales figures accounts for sales in Korea and overseas markets


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