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HYUNDAI WIA develops nation’s first thermal management system for electric vehicle, ‘Integrated Coolant Distribution·Supply Module’

HYUNDAI WIA successfully developed South Korea’s first ever thermal management module that integrates EV driveline and battery parts

HYUNDAI WIA successfully developed South Korea’s first ever thermal management module that integrates EV driveline and battery parts.

HYUNDAI WIA is the first in the industry to develop ‘Integrated Coolant Distribution·Supply Module’, thermal management system for electric vehicle. This module is confirmed to be set on Hyundai Motor Group’s battery electric vehicle (BEV) dedicated platform ‘Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)’ and mass production will be facilitated from 2023. HYUNDAI WIA plans to use this R&D achievement as a stepping stone to accelerate corporate’s transformation from power train parts to eco-friendly parts manufacturer.

Integrated thermal management module, developed by HYUNDAI WIA, controls heat of automotive battery, driveline and power electronics·electric motors. Since EVs lack heat source compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, an independent heat control system beyond recovery and application of wasted heat is indispensable. Maintaining temperature of the key components at all times maximizes efficiency and performance of key automobile parts.

‘Integrated Coolant Distribution·Supply Module’ is developed to control both driveline·power electronics·electric motor parts and battery heat, which was previously controlled by two separate devices. HYUNDAI WIA optimized cooling water circuit and unified ‘chiller’ with coolant distribution·supply part. Innovative new composition minimized the number of automobile parts and maximized engine room occupancy.

“In South Korea, HYUNDAI WIA is the first company to secure integrated coolant distribution·supply technology. Improved functional modularization is expected to optimize EV driving range and charging capability”, said a member of HYUNDAI WIA.

HYUNDAI WIA also conducted reliability verification of thermal management module under intense condition. In order to verify high reliability, South Korea’s first ‘vibration combined multi-environmental durability tester’ was installed at Uiwang R&D Center. With a great deal of effort put in R&D investment to lay the foundation for future success in eco-friendly vehicle parts, HYUNDAI WIA filed 4 foreign patents and around 30 domestic patents for thermal management module related technologies.

Mass production of integrated coolant distribution·supply module will be facilitated from 2023 and applied on Hyundai Motor Group’s BEV dedicated platform E-GMP. HYUNDAI WIA aims to target global automakers with ‘Integrated Thermal Management System (ITMS)’ that incorporates both cooling module and air conditioning system by 2025.

“We have been dedicated to research and development of thermal management part since 2018. Based on years of automobile parts production know-hows, we will continue our effort to become a strong contender in the EV parts industry”, said a member of HYUNDAI WIA.

SOURCE: Hyundai

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