Hino sustainability report 2019 released

Hino Motors, Ltd., released the Hino Sustainability Report 2019*1 on November 29, 2019

Hino Motors, Ltd. (Hereafter “Hino.” HQ: Hino, Tokyo. President & CEO: Yoshio Shimo), released the Hino Sustainability Report 2019*1 on November 29, 2019, on the Hino official website.

The report demonstrates Hino’s dynamism and appeal as a company that aims to realize a sustainable society by introducing Hino’s ideas and initiatives to develop solutions for the challenges customers and the world face, as outlined in Hino’s medium- to long-term business strategy, “Challenge 2025,” announced in October 2018, as well as the relationship between the SDGs which are common global goals and Hino’s strategy/related activities.

- Major Components and Overview -

1.Top Interview

President & CEO and Representative Director Yoshio Shimo introduces top management’s views and aims in terms of how Hino is an integral part of society, and how to realize a sustainable world while driving sustainable corporate growth.

2.The medium to long-term strategy “Challenge 2025” and “The 3 Goals” to realize “Challenge 2025”

In order to realize the Hino corporate mission of “making the world a better place to live by helping people and goods get to where they need to go–safely, economically and with environmental responsibility–while focusing on sustainable development,” this section details Hino’s “Challenge 2025” that aims to solve the challenges customers and the world face, as well as the specific actions of “The 3 Goals” approach towards realization of “Challenge 2025.” It also includes the views and opinions of employees who represent the future of the company.

3.Hino’s strategy and initiative goals through contributing to SDGs

This section describes the relationship between the SDGs and Hino’s strategy/related activities to show how Hino’s business activities are contributing to achieve the SDGs. It also introduces the vision that the company aspires to achieve and specific examples of Hino’s efforts.

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