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GWM accelerates going global of new energy vehicles under the guidance of ONE GWM Action Plan, with sales of 990,000 units from January to November

In November this year, GWM sold 87,560 new vehicles

On December 8, GWM released its production and sales data for November 2022. In November this year, GWM sold 87,560 new vehicles. Among them, 20,088 vehicles were sold overseas, up 33.87% year on year, and 12,863 new energy vehicles were sold. From January to November, 990,081 new vehicles were sold, including 120,733 NEVs, with a year-on-year growth of 5.22%; 152,884 vehicles were sold overseas, with a year-on-year growth of 20.36%, hitting a record high; the sales volume of models of the three major technology brands accounted for 70.61%, with a year-on-year growth of 10.96%; the sales volume of models priced above CNY 200,000 accounted for 14.88%, with a year-on-year growth of 4.79%.

In November this year, GWM, empowered by the forest ecosystem, continued to focus on the field of new energy and intelligentization, continuously optimized the product structure, accelerated the promotion of new energy strategy, and continued to develop forward and upward.

HAVAL brand: 572,224 vehicles were sold from January to November. 268,640 HAVAL H6 vehicles were sold from January to November this year. As the first model of HAVAL NEVs, the 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 DHT-PHEV has won favorable remarks from media and customers and set a new value benchmark for new energy SUVs with its strong strength and maneuverability and optimal intelligent driving performance.

WEY brand: 35,001 vehicles were sold from January to November. In November, WEY’s advanced “sensing” urban NOH intelligent driver assistance system was tested by the media first. As the first model equipped with the system, Mocha DHT-PHEV can freely cope with the complex road conditions in the urban area during the test, demonstrating WEY’s leading technical strength in intelligent driving and further consolidating WEY’s position as a pioneer in intelligentization in urban scenarios.

ORA brand: 97,069 vehicles were sold from January to November. In November, 3,031 ORA Lightning Cat vehicles, a hot model that won more than 10,000 orders after being launched, were delivered to the owner in the first batch. As a “super-streamlined pure electric coupe”, ORA Lightning Cat has set a new benchmark in the new energy vehicle industry by virtue of its five-fold system safety protection and “worry-free battery” created by high-standard production process, and won the honor of successful annual challenge model in the challenge of Top Safety, a authoritative platform of China’s automobile safety strength.

TANK brand: 112,859 vehicles were sold from January to November. In order to commemorate that the cumulative sales volume of the TANK brand exceeded 200,000 units, TANK 300 and TANK 500 launched 200,000 commemorative vehicles, with 500 units sold in limited quantities each. In the future, the TANK brand will continue to maintain “TANK speed” and bring more high-value products to users. The 3.0T V6 engine carried by TANK 500 won the “China Heart” 2022 Ten Best Engines and Award for Hybrid System, becoming the only large-displacement engine on this list, demonstrating the sheer strength of China’s self-development.

GWM Pickup: 172,928 vehicles were sold from January to November. In November, 10,369 GWM POER vehicles were sold, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 for 28 months, continuously ranking first in pickup sales. On November 10, the Pickup Branch of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers was officially established and awarded the license. As the first president unit of the Pickup Branch, GWM will bravely undertake the industry responsibility and continue to help the pickup industry develop upward. As a masterpiece in the 2.0 era of GWM POER, the Outdoor King Shanhai POER is the first large-scale high-performance luxury pickup in China, featuring three ultimate product strengths of “high performance, ultra-luxury and super fun”, which will be launched in the global market soon.

In addition, GWM has also launched the “GWM New Energy Vehicle Purchase Festival” with its five major brands. With “11.11” as the core node throughout November, GWM has innovatively opened and integrated online and offline multi-dimensional links relying on its five major brands and distributor networks, and brought users a comprehensive upgrade of one-stop solutions with a seamless O2O mode, providing users with super-value benefits. As of the end of the Festival, 42,646 live broadcasts have been carried out, with an order volume of 69,416 vehicles. At present, orders are being delivered one after another.

“ONE GWM” is taken as the global brand action plan to comprehensively accelerate going global of NEVs

Being determined to go global, GWM has accelerated its layout for overseas development. On December 2, GWM held the 2022 Overseas Distributor Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, attended by representatives of more than 200 distributors from more than 50 countries and regions around the world. The “ONE GWM” Global Brand Action Plan was officially announced. GWM will focus on the GWM brand, take the brand potential, product portfolio, channel scale, efficiency improvement, policy mechanism guarantee and other dimensions as the key points of action, and combine the market and industrial policies of different countries and regions to differentiate the layout of new energy products and build a localized ecology.

The first batch of Mocha PHEVs (Coffee 01) enter the European market. On November 21, the first batch of Mocha PHEVs (Coffee 01) were fully loaded at Shanghai Port and shipped to Europe, which will be delivered to users in Germany. After the Mocha PHEV model obtained the “European Five-Star Safety” certification, WEY was awarded the certification with the Latte PHEV (Coffee 02), ranking among the top two Chinese brands in Euro NCAP safety certification with its strength. Next, GWM will gradually expand into the European markets such as Spain and Sweden, launch more models, and promote the overseas development of NEVs.

The localization mode is explored in the South Asian market. In November, GWM HAVAL H6 HEV was officially launched in Lahore, Pakistan, becoming the first locally assembled new energy hybrid model. In the future, GWM will continue to provide high-quality products, services and support for Pakistan, promote the transition of Pakistan’s market from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, and realize a full-scenario life of new energy vehicles in Pakistan.

The new energy strategy in the ASEAN market is accelerating. In November, GWM officially launched the GWM brand in Malaysia and launched ORA GOODCAT, planning to launch more new energy models in the next three years. On November 30, GWM made its debut at the Thailand International Automobile Expo with its NEV matrix. The mass production version of medium and large-scale commercial luxury SUV TANK 500 HEV and ORA Lightning Cat made their debut in Thailand. On the same day, GWM also held a signing ceremony for new distributors, making new breakthroughs in GWM’s global sales network and further enhancing its global strength.

The GWM brand was released in two countries of Latin America. In November, GWM launched the GWM brand in Brazil, and the HAVAL H6 PHEV 4WD model made its debut in Brazil. At the same time, GWM officially launched the GWM brand in Guatemala and announced its entry into the Guatemala market. GWM’s successive launching in Brazil and Guatemala will further promote the implementation and sustainable development of GWM’s strategy in the Latin American market.

In addition, GWM made its debut at the 46th Baghdad International Fair with its HAVAL, TANK and GWM POER on November 2, and planned to launch TANK 300 in Iraq recently to accelerate the development of the Middle East market. GWM’s 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 DHT HEV became the official designated vehicle for the 29th APEC Leaders’ Meeting. GWM POER won the 2022 “Best New Pickup of the Year” award from the South Africa Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

With the continuous evolution of the forest ecosystem, GWM is accelerating its layout in the field of new energy and intelligence, continuously promoting the implementation of globalization strategy, bringing value of brand-new mobility service to global users. It is marching towards a global intelligent technology company, and pursuing sustainable and high-quality development.


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