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Global automakers overwhelmingly select HERE to deliver drivers validated speed limit data across EU

More than 30 brands from 15 global automakers will utilize HERE ISA Map data to comply with the EU Intelligent Speed Assistance requirement

The European Union’s (EU) Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) regulation is in effect, and global automakers have overwhelmingly chosen the ISA Map from HERE Technologies to comply with the mandate.

ISA is an in-vehicle safety feature that displays for drivers the legal speed limit on any given EU roadway. To date, more than 30 brands from 15 global automakers have signed agreements to utilize the HERE ISA Map. An estimated 50 million vehicles across the EU could be equipped with speed limit data from HERE by 2024.

HERE will deliver regularly updated speed limit information to passenger and commercial vehicles from leading automakers including HERE shareholders, as well as Jaguar Land Rover, Scania, and VinFast.

From July 2022, all new passenger and commercial vehicle types and models introduced in the EU must be equipped with ISA. From July 2024 onwards, ISA must be in all newly registered vehicles in the EU. The HERE ISA Map was introduced last year to provide automakers selling vehicles in the EU market with the most accurate speed limit information available.

“The European ISA mandate will kickstart a new era of location-enriched mobility in the automotive industry. Put simply, to operate as an automaker in the European market, OEMs from all regions will need a location platform capable of delivering accurate and up to date insight on local speed restrictions,” said James Hodgson, Principal Analyst at ABI Research. “Future autonomous and electric vehicle applications will leverage a wider set of rich and dynamic attribution; automakers should look for a platform that can meet the threshold for ISA type approval in the short term, and also scale to meet the requirements of their long-term objectives.”

There is a core need for spatial intelligence when building connected, electric and automated driving experiences of today and tomorrow,” said Edzard Overbeek, CEO at HERE Technologies. “We are proud to serve our longstanding partners and emerging brands, across the auto industry, with this critical speed limit data focused on improving road safety.”

HERE location data and software services are used in 170 million vehicles globally. The HERE platform presently ingests live sensor data from an estimated 34 million connected vehicles to power its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), connected and automated vehicle services. Information shared by this large population of vehicles helps HERE continuously update speed limits in the map.

HERE has built one of the world’s largest enterprise-grade location data and map platforms. The company leverages thousands of data sources to capture and index the world’s road networks and urban environments. The HERE location platform offers software developers and the global automotive industry a one-stop shop for location data, services and software.


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