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Germany’s first Urbino 9 LE electric buses already on the streets of the city of Erlangen

Solaris has officially delivered 7 electric buses to the German city of Erlangen

Solaris has officially delivered 7 electric buses to the German city of Erlangen. This marks the first order from Germany for the brand’s shortest model. The Urbino 9 LE electric is an electric low-entry bus designed for urban and suburban transportation.

In early December, Solaris supplied 7 modern, emission-free electric buses to the German city of Erlangen. The transportation company, Erlanger Stadtwerke Stadtverkehr GmbH, opted for Solaris’ shortest model, the low-entry Urbino 9 LE electric bus. Thanks to its specifications, this bus can also be used on suburban routes, providing flexibility to operators in managing their bus lines. The buses are powered by 100% green electricity and will run on the new CityLinie 299 route through the centre of Erlangen. This is the company’s first order from this carrier.

Each of the Urbino 9 LE electric buses can accommodate 50 passengers, with 21 seats available for sitting passengers. An additional 2 seats are foldable. Powered by an electric motor, these vehicles draw their energy from batteries with a capacity of over 250 kWh, placed both on the roof and at the rear of the bus. The electric Urbino buses are charged via classic plug-in connectors. The Solaris High Power energy storage with high energy density ensure the high operability of the bus on routes, without the need for frequent charging.

Technological innovations go beyond zero-emission propulsion. The buses are equipped with advanced systems like MirrorEye, which replaces traditional mirrors with cameras, improving driver visibility and minimizing the risk of accidents. There’s also a monitoring system onboard to enhance safety. Additionally, practical USB sockets are available for passenger convenience on the side walls. The proprietary eSConnect system enables fleet management by the transport operator, allowing real-time control of bus parameters and influencing their performance.

Solaris maintains its position as a leading manufacturer in the European battery and hydrogen bus market. The company has an impressive order portfolio that currently includes as many as 3,700 zero-emission buses, with 2,460 actively serving customer routes. Among them, battery models are predominant. Solaris electric buses are popular in Germany, where in 32 cities, there are already over 370 battery-powered vehicles in operation.

SOURCE: Solaris

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