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GAZ Group in Australia

GAZ Group’s Sadko NEXT goes on sale in Australia. It’s the company’s first product available in the Australian market

GAZ Group’s Sadko NEXT goes on sale in Australia. It’s the company’s first product available in the Australian market. Sadko NEXT, a 4×4 truck for business operations and travelling in challenging and even extreme off-road conditions, will first be offered with a single cab, and then with a double cab, too. Australia drives on the left, so the company delivers LHD version of the vehicle. Sales and maintenance are arranged in partnership with AAV 4×4, an Australian body-builder and dealer of off-road vehicles.

GAZ Group’s Sadko NEXT off-road MDT goes on sale in Australia. The vehicle represents a new generation of the iconic GAZ off-road truck and combines the legendary and unique off-road performance with a high level of comfort, functionality and modern engineering solutions. Its great off-road performance is delivered by a high road clearance, an increased torsional rigidity of the frame, a step-down gear, locking differentials and a tire inflation system.
Sadko NEXT is first available with a single cab. The vehicle has been certified and tested for compliance with the Australian Design Rules, very much similar to the EU certification standards. Besides AAV 4×4 tested the new vehicle itself to check performance of the electrical equipment, safety belts, ABS and other units, both on the loaded and the empty vehicle. Sadko NEXT is marketed in Australia under the GAZ Trackmaster trade name.

Brett Bolton, AAV 4×4 Director:
– We are based in Brisbane on the east coast of Australia, which can be called a 4×4 capital due to its nature and climate. Russia is also well-known for its challenging road conditions, which means that vehicles designed for the domestic market demonstrate a really good driving performance on bad roads and off-road. That’s what the reputation of Russian vehicles is about. GAZ Trackmaster comes with a really good standard package, good suspension and large wheels. We’ll start selling the new vehicle to our target audience – to those who love travelling. Then we’d like to move to state contracts and start offering GAZ vehicles to larger corporate customers. We understand that it takes time to get a new product well-accepted by the market and for people to understand its advantages. But even now we get really good feedbacks from our customers. We also see interest to GAZ trucks from other Australian body-builders.

Leonid Dolgov, GAZ Group Export Director:
– Sadko NEXT has unique off-road performance which guarantees success of our product in Australia where off-road vehicles are popular in many regions. Our partnership with AAV 4×4 which focuses on promoting 4×4 vehicles in Australia for many years and knows everything about off-roaders will help us promote the brand in the market. Our off-road truck will be an interesting product for private customers as well as businesses, municipal organizations and rescue services. Sadko NEXT can be found in different corners of the world where it is used to save people after floods and land slides, in the jungle and in the highlands. The vehicle can carry cargoes and people in the most challenging conditions.

Its payload capacity (chassis) is up to 3 tons, and it can tow a trailer of up to 2.56 tons. The highly flexible YMZ-534 diesel engine allows producing a high torque while crawling at a minimum speed. The engine’s maximum power output is 149 hp, and the maximum torque is 490 Nm.

The integrated steering together with a new front suspension with thin leaf springs delivers good feedback, smooth ride and stability. The fully pneumatic brake system ensures efficient braking requiring a little force on the brake pedal. Thanks to air supply by a compressor the system remains operational even with small leaks present. The air can be used for various superstructures, to inflate tires and to connect the braking system of the trailer.

Sadko NEXT has a big cabin with an anatomical spring seat which can be adjusted depending on the weight, powered windows and heated mirrors, which can standard.


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