GAZ: e-CITYMAX 18 extra large class electric bus

Likino Bus Plant (LiAZ) has presented an electric bus of extra large class

Likino Bus Plant (LiAZ) has presented an electric bus of extra large class. The e-CITYMAX 18 bus is made at Likino bus plant and designed for operation on routes with high passenger traffic. The electric bus is an environmentally friendly mode of transport, adapted for transportation of passengers with limited mobility, and equipped with modern systems that ensure the comfort and safety of transportation. The new e-CITYMAX 18 will soon begin operational testing on the routes of multi-million metropolis.

Articulated e-CITYMAX 18 was developed in 2021, passed factory and certification tests. It is 18 meters long, has a capacity of 140 (!) passengers and is designed to operate on routes with high passenger traffic. The new model will soon appear on the routes of Moscow.

The electric bus features a driving interlock at open doors, 360 video monitoring cameras, climate control system, USB chargers. A multiplex system automatically controls over 100 parameters of the bus. Low floor level, spacious standing area, driver call button, power-operated ramp provide for comfort and convenience of limited-mobility passengers. The “kneeling” system (adjustable tilting of the bus towards the doors) makes the boarding and drop-off easier for all categories of passengers. The bus has 44 seats, including three folding seats, which are transformed from supports for passengers on the standing area.

The e-CITYMAX 18 is equipped with the electronic-pneumatic braking system (EBS), anti-lock braking system (ABS), anti-slip regulation system (ASR) and electronic parking brake (EPB), which ensure high braking efficiency and controllability of the electric bus in difficult road situations. It has an emergency call device and a maximum speed limiter. The electric bus is equipped with two asynchronous electric motors, designed as a single structural unit with the rear axle. The electric motors are powered by lithium-ion batteries, providing a range of 80 kilometers. In the future, it is planned to increase the range to 100 km by increasing the battery capacity.

The e-CITYMAX 18 electric bus is comfortable and safe. In terms of both structure and design, it is an up-to-date vehicle. The lighting solutions, applied in the model, contribute to the expressiveness of the design and are helpful for the passengers when they move around in the cabin. The electric bus is equipped with signal light lines on the passenger door leaves, outer LED door illumination, passenger door area illumination lights built into the handrails, niche podium illumination in the passenger compartment.

The e-CITYMAX 18 expands the GAZ-branded product lineup of electric vehicles. Since 2018, at the Likino Bus Plant, there is a mass production of large class electric buses with a passenger capacity of 85, which are operated on the routes of Moscow. In 2020, the first Russian light commercial electric vehicle GAZelle e-NN in various configurations (drop-side truck, van, minibus) was unveiled, and in 2021 the production of these vehicles started at the Gorky Automobile Plant. GAZelle e-NN electric buses have been already running on the passenger route since July 2021. In September 2021, the new generation e-CITYMAX 12 large electric bus was unveiled at Comtrans motor show.


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