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Aptera Expands its Horizons by Licensing Solar Technology across Mobility Industries

The automaker takes another step towards realising solar technology in the automotive industry

Aptera Motors, the manufacturer of the world’s most efficient solar electric vehicle, announced its strategic expansion into new mobility industries through the licensing of its breakthrough solar technology. This move aligns with Aptera’s mission to create a future where every journey is powered by the sun, extending their innovative impact into new markets.

Aptera’s cutting-edge solar technology significantly enhances the range and grid independence of its flagship solar electric vehicle (sEV), while also significantly lessening the environmental impact. In sunny climates, solar power can add more than 11,000 miles (17,700 km) of range per year to Aptera’s solar electric vehicle, and over 8,000 miles (12,800 km) in less sunny regions. This advancement in automotive solar technology means that most drivers may never need to charge their Aptera, removing the EV recharge barrier for most of the US and European population while reducing stress on the grid.

With its $130M patent portfolio, including over 34 patents in process, Aptera is now leveraging its solar technology to revolutionize multiple mobility industries and develop new revenue streams for the company, which will help fund the mass production of its solar electric vehicle. Aptera’s innovative solar technology is currently being deployed in the ground support equipment and recreational vehicle industries, with plans to expand into aerospace, logistics, marine, and more.

One significant application of Aptera’s solar technology currently underway is a pilot program for retrofitting ground support equipment (GSE) for one of the largest airlines in the world. Aptera, in collaboration with Averest, is focusing on applying this technology to a Trepel 280 E pushback tractor along with various other electric utility vehicles such as baggage carts. The goal of the pilot program for GSE, which is set to be completed by the end of Q3 2024, is to potentially eliminate the need for conventional charging entirely, significantly boosting operational readiness while minimizing maintenance needs and downtime risks. This initiative aims to reduce the major airlines’ operational costs and environmental footprint, supporting the airline industry’s goals for electrifying their fleets and reducing their carbon footprint.

Additionally, Polydrops, known for its innovative EV trailers designed for efficient and sustainable travel, has also begun a pilot program to integrate Aptera’s solar technology onto its trailers. Utilizing Aptera’s custom-fit panels ensures maximum energy capture and delivers a high-power output of 1300 W, providing substantial energy for extended trips and off-grid applications. These custom-fit panels are significantly lighter than traditional glass panels, maintain a low profile for enhanced aesthetics and functionality, and offer high durability with automotive-grade standards, making them ideal for the rugged conditions often encountered by trailers. The integration of Aptera’s solar technology will enhance the self-sufficiency and sustainability of Polydrops’ EV trailers, perfectly complementing Aptera’s vision of off-grid, solar-powered adventures and supporting a lifestyle of eco-friendly, energy-independent travel.

“Aptera’s mission has always been to push the boundaries of what solar mobility can achieve,” said Steve Fambro, Co-Founder of Aptera Motors. “Our collaboration with industry leaders like Averest and Polydrops is just the beginning. By leveraging our rich intellectual property portfolio, we are driving innovations that place solar power at the forefront of transportation, not only for personal vehicles but across various sectors, including fleet applications and beyond. This pilot program is a significant step toward a future where energy independence and sustainability are the norms, not the exceptions.”

Looking ahead, Aptera plans to explore further applications of its solar technology across different vehicle types and industries. By leveraging its advanced solar technology and with plans to expand its sEV product pipeline, Aptera aims to make a lasting impact on global mobility and environmental conservation.

SOURCE: Aptera

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