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EDC transmission is automatic choice for Renault Kangoo

Renault’s Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic transmission has been introduced to the Kangoo range for the first time. The innovative automatic gearbox will be offered with the dCi 90 and dCi 110 versions of Europe’s best-selling van, resulting in a number of benefits for the customer. Orders for the newly available transmission open 1st September.

The EDC transmission is already available across Renault’s range of cars, and it offers Kangoo drivers an even more car-like experience behind the wheel. The Kangoo’s cabin features a specially contoured height-adjustable driver’s seat, with added lateral support, coupled with the height/reach adjustable steering wheel and an ergonomically efficient layout for its controls to provide greater comfort.

The six-speed EDC is an automatic dual dry clutch transmission, dispensing with the need for a clutch pedal. The ideal gear is selected automatically by an electronic control unit. Gearshift control is of the ‘P-R-N-D’ type, plus an ‘up/down’ shift mode. A push forward on the gear lever directs the transmission to downshift, a pull backwards to upshift.

The automatic mode makes for a smooth journey, thanks to an ultrafast shift time of 290ms. The transmission’s ‘creep’ control also makes life easier in crawling traffic, pulling away gradually when the brake pedal is released. The EDC transmission also offers Hill Start Assist as standard, ensuring safe starts on an incline when partnered with the ‘creep’ control system.

The EDC automatic transmission adds 28kg in weight compared with the manual, but the Kangoo dCi 90 EDC achieves fuel economy of up to 55.4mpg on the combined cycle (NEDC) and emits just 136g/km of CO2.

The Kangoo EDC’s diesel engines are also available with Renault’s ECO mode, cutting fuel consumption by up to 10%. Actionable by the driver, the mode modifies the management of the gearbox ECU (Electronic Control Unit), enabling gear shifts at lower rpm.

In the UK, all Renault LCVs are available with four years’/100,000 mile warranty and four years’ roadside assistance, providing the ultimate peace of mind. Service intervals are 2 years / 15,000 miles (timing belt 6 years / 100,000 miles).

Kangoo customers are supported by a network of specialised Renault Pro+ dealers. These outlets meet specific commitments, including a commercial vehicles specialised sales and aftersales advisors. Commercial vehicle test drives are available without an appointment and quotations are given within 48 hours, including for converted vehicles. Workshop hours are extended, servicing is available within eight hours without an appointment. Diagnosis of any problems is guaranteed within the hour and a van, or van-replacement vehicle are supplied if necessary.

Pricing and Ownership information

Version HP CO2 MPG (NEDC) Price (excl. VAT)
ML19 dCi 90 Auto EDC Business 90 132 55.4 £17,395
ML19 dCi 110 Auto EDC Business 110 132 55.4 £18,095
ML19 dCi 90 Auto EDC Business+ 90 132 55.4 £18,095
ML19 dCi 110 Auto EDC Business+ 110 132 55.4 £18,545
LL21 dCi 90 Auto EDC Business 90 136 54.3 £18,895
LL21 dCi 110 Auto EDC Business 110 136 54.3 £19,595
LL21 dCi 90 Auto EDC Crew Van Business 90 136 54.3 £19,795
LL21 dCi 110 Auto EDC Crew Van Business 110 136 54.3 £20,495
LL21 dCi 90 Auto EDC Business+ 90 136 54.3 £19,595

Further information on the Renault LCV range can be found at: www.renault.co.uk/vans

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