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dSPACE at CES 2024: New solutions for data-driven development, simulation, and validation of electric and self-driving cars

At CES 2024, dSPACE will show how electric and self-driving cars can get on the road faster with innovative development, simulation, and validation solutions

At CES 2024, dSPACE will show how electric and self-driving cars can get on the road faster with innovative development, simulation, and validation solutions. As the exclusive on-vehicle computer technology sponsor of the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC), dSPACE will demonstrate how dSPACE solutions work in demanding racing environments at the Autonomous Challenge @ CES 2024 night race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Eight solutions will be presented at the dSPACE booth no. 4300 in the LVCC, West Hall.  Here are some highlights:

E-mobility: Testing of battery management systems, power electronics, and technologies for intelligent charging

Battery management systems (BMS) are crucial for the smooth operation of lithium-ion batteries, and ensure the efficient use of available capacity, optimum temperatures, avoid overcharging as well as deep discharges, and thereby ensure safe operation and long life of the energy storage systems. dSPACE demonstrates a modular system design for the testing of battery management systems (BMS) that enables the testing of modern BMS. The system’s field of application in the areas of development and validation range from battery systems for electric cars and planes to energy storage systems for modern power grids.

Power HIL systems from dSPACE are the first choice where inverters, including control and power electronics, have to be tested at full power. Designed specifically for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation at power level, they combine the flexibility of established HIL systems with full performance, enabling exceptionally precise testing of power electronics. The tests go well beyond endurance and also include testing the control behavior with different dynamic operating points of e-motors.

The Smart Charging Solution is a complete solution for the development and testing of intelligent charging technologies. The solution takes international standards into account, ensures interoperability analyses and tests, and supports developers of onboard chargers, charging stations, and, in future, inductive charging systems, robot charging, and megawatt charging for the truck and aviation sector with a comprehensive range of test options and dynamic models.

Autonomous driving: High-precision tests in the virtual world

The development of functions for highly automated and autonomous driving places increasingly strict requirements on the quality and safety of functions. Virtual tests are frontloaded to earlier development phases and executed by internationally distributed development teams. To meet these requirements, dSPACE has developed solutions such as SIMPHERA, the web-based, highly scalable cloud solution for simulation and virtual validation, and the AURELION sensor simulation. At CES, dSPACE will demonstrate how logical scenarios generated from measurement data can then be used for scenario-based testing in SIMPHERA. In this way, real recorded scenarios can later be used for virtual validation. In addition, it is shown how AURELION achieves a very high degree of realism in the simulation – by comparing the synthetic sensor simulation with the real recorded measurement data of the same scenario.

In a joint demonstration with AWS, dSPACE presents an intelligent fleet and data management environment that enables targeted data collection campaigns for the development and validation of ADAS/AD algorithms. The solution aims to drastically shorten the lead time for data acquisition from the definition of requirements to the availability of the recorded vehicle and sensor data in the data center, thereby increasing the efficiency of the data-driven development process.

The simulation of software stacks on high-performance computers (HPCs) in the newest E/E architectures for software-defined vehicles (SDVs) presents a particular challenge in software integration testing. In order to efficiently validate such systems, cloud-based software-in-the-loop environments are required that enable the simulation of the software components on HPCs based on real ARM processors together with those of the rest of the E/E architecture. To this end, dSPACE is working with AWS to offer an end-to-end solution based on dSPACE VEOS and AWS Graviton.

IAC: dSPACE technology during night racing and at the exhibition stand

At the Autonomous Challenge @ CES 2024, which will be held on January 11 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, nine teams comprised of 17 universities will compete against each other with fully autonomous racecars. CES visitors are invited to experience the action on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. In addition, dSPACE is presenting its technologies for the IACat booth 5901 in the exhibition area of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) West. A proven dSPACE component in the vehicles is the AUTERA AutoBox, the central onboard computer that manages all sensor data and performs the complex trajectory calculations. The IAC schedule for 2024 and other innovations will be presented on Monday, January 8, as part of the IAC press conference.


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