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Daihatsu: Regarding the Publication of the Verification Results of Standard Conformity of the Road Transport Vehicle Act by MLIT

Daihatsu offers an apology and provides an update on the ongoing certification situation surrounding several road vehicle engines

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. would like to again convey its sincerest apologies for the inconvenience and concern it has caused by the procedural irregularities in certification processes to customers and all other stakeholders.

Today, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) announced that, except for the following three models, seven discontinued vehicle models (former models) and engines comply with the standards of the Road Transport Vehicle Act based on the results of technical verifications, including verification testing of standard conformity. With this, the technical verification of standard conformity by the MLIT has been completed for all vehicle models and engines for which there were procedural irregularities in certification processes.

For the three models that did not comply with the standards, the separate issue from the irregularities was discovered during the rear-end collision test to confirm standard conformity in which the battery fixture could come loose and fail to hold the battery in place during market use.
We are not aware of any accidents related to this issue at this time, but we will promptly prepare market measures under the direction of the MLIT.

We believe that our first priority is to thoroughly implement measures to prevent recurrence, and we are working together to prevent recurrence based on the Three Pledges. We will continue to ensure the implementation of measures to prevent recurrence and to build a system that ensures that procedural irregularities never occur again as we strive to rebuild trust.

Name Manufacture Classification Model
1 Gran Max Truck Daihatsu Compact Commercial Vehicle 5BF-S403P
2 TOWN ACE Truck Toyota 5BF-S403U
3 BONGO Truck Mazda 5BF-S403F

*Vehicle Type Approval was revoked by administrative disposition by the MLIT on January 26, 2024.

Vehicle models and engines confirmed to comply with standards*1

[Engines currently in production]

Engine Name
1 1KR-FE Engine
(Equipped models: Daihatsu THOR /Toyota ROOMY*2 /SUBARU JUSTY)

[Discontinued vehicle models]

Name Manufacture Classification Model
1 Mira TOCOT Daihatsu Mini Passenger Vehicle DBA-LA550S
2 BOON Compact Passenger Vehicle DBA-M700S
3 PASSO Toyota DBA-M700A
4 CAST Daihatsu Mini Passenger Vehicle DBA-LA250S
6 MOVE Daihatsu Mini Passenger Vehicle DBA-LA150S

[Discontinued engines]

Engine Name
1 1KR-FE Engine
(Equipped models: Daihatsu BOON /Toyota PASSO)
2 EF Engine
(Equipped models: Daihatsu Mira /Daihatsu MOVE /Daihatsu Opti)
3 HD Engine
(Equipped models: Daihatsu Applause)

*1 Including discontinued specifications (Specifications not used in models currently in production)
*2 ROOMY was also previously sold under the name TANK

SOURCE: Daihatsu

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