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Dacia new visual identity

Since its inception, Dacia has constantly broken the rules, and shows itself today in a new, more assertive, contemporary, and authentic light. A new chapter in the Dacia saga


Since its inception, Dacia has constantly broken the rules, and shows itself today in a new, more assertive, contemporary, and authentic light. A new chapter in the Dacia saga.

New ambitions

Dacia stated, back when it announced its new strategy in early 2021, that this is the start of a new chapter in its history! A new chapter that is reflected today in its new logo, emblem, colours, and terrains… but the brand still stays true to its origins. While the ingredients behind the brand’s success remain the same, it takes on a new feel that reflects its values: simplicity, authenticity, and robustness, always at a fair price.

Denis Le Vot, Dacia CEO, describes Dacia as, “The brand that constantly redefines what is essential in the automotive industry”. A brand that can be both ‘accessible’ and ‘attractive’. Its position on the market is still just as unique as the day it started and is set to grow in coming years, as explained in this vide

Dacia’s renewal is embodied by a new logotype and a new emblem , markers of a distinctive and assertive brand.

These two new design elements were created internally by the Design team, with the desire to express the brand’s essence, one that has guided Dacia since its beginnings.

The logotype, central to the new visual identity, exudes an ever-present feel of robustness and stability. The shape of the letters is intentionally refined – the ‘D’ and ‘C’ are mirror images of each other – and reflect the brand’s pared-back and cunning mindset. The geometric lines of the logotype give a feel of mechanical movement to the string of letters.

The emblem features the essence of the logo by bringing together the ‘D’ and ‘C’, like links of a chain that are paired together in a strong, cohesive bond. The new Dacia emblem is a powerful and meaningful visual that will be easily recognisable, even from afar.

Simple and readily intelligible, these two new visuals are full of meaning; they reflect the robust make of Dacia vehicles, a quality that continues to serve millions of customers every day.

The entire graphic design has been deliberately pared-back, as a reminder that Dacia is a brand that focuses on the essentials. Each individual part fits with the others to form a cohesive whole, while creating new opportunities for more digital content. Much like the brand they represent, the graphic design elements are robust and flexible. For example, the arrow-like ‘D’ in the logo carries the eye towards the essential heart of the design, and hints at the feeling of movement created by a future-looking brand.

Dacia goes green

The colour scheme, built around khaki-green, evokes the brand’s closeness to nature – a powerful reference for our customers and a terrain where Dacia vehicles, like the iconic Duster, come into their own.

Secondary colours fill out the range:

  • three, more earthy colours:  dark khaki, terracotta, sand
  • two other secondary colours – bright orange and green – round out the range with a more ‘tech’ feel.

The essence of the brand is also embodied with its new iconography, symbolizing a need for freedom, to recharge one’s batteries, to get back to basics. These fundamental needs are felt by many, they push us to focus on what truly matters and to get rid of anything superfluous. Dacia, Tout. Simplement.


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