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To create a brighter future with soaring aspirations, GAC Group participated in the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition

On April 20, 2015, the press conference of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GAC Group”), themed by “Create a Brighter Future with Soaring Aspirations”, was held in the 2.1 Hall of Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, China. GAC Group, with its subsidiaries such as GAC MOTOR, Honda, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler, … Continued

On April 20, 2015, the press conference of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GAC Group”), themed by “Create a Brighter Future with Soaring Aspirations”, was held in the 2.1 Hall of Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, China. GAC Group, with its subsidiaries such as GAC MOTOR, Honda, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Geo, and Wuyang Honda, put in an appearance on the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. With 21 vehicles on exhibition, the exhibition stand of GAC Group covers a total area of 2,503 square meters. 

GAC MOTOR at Auto Shanghai 2015During this exhibition, GAC MOTOR GS4 was put into the market with a brand new look, and GAC MOTOR GA8 was released for the first time on a global scale, demonstrating the competitiveness of GAC self-owned brand. GAC Group’s “3+e” development strategy is furthered implemented, all of its business sectors are performing noticeably well, and the industrial layout is gaining more benefits with each passing day. 

Various new products launched, strong system-based competitiveness built 

At the auto show, GAC MOTOR, the proprietary brand of GAC Group, attracted a lot of attention. A New Definition of SUV GS4 was on show, shining like a star, and the brand new flagship limousine GA8 was released for the first time on a global scale. 

GAC MOTOR GS4 was officially put onto the Chinese market on April 18. As the only exhibited SUV of Chinese brand, GAC MOTOR GS4 in January, made its first appearance in North American Auto Show, winning favorable remarks from domestic media and overseas media’s follow-up report. Yahoo Finance awarded it an honorary prize of “Innovation for the Future”. 

GAC MOTOR GS4, with 200T-7 speed powertrain, 202Nm peak torque, and 0.2 second smooth shift, makes you enjoy the powerful driving force and the charm of steering. The second generation of GAC MOTOR 200T engine excels 2.0L engine in performance in an all-round way. Forty six state-of-the-art technologies including the proprietary technology of GCCS combustion control, low-inertia E-Turbo technology, engine start-stop technology are perfectly supplemented by advanced design and exquisite detail, taking the lead in the perfect integration of large torque, low fuel consumption and low noise. Meanwhile, GAC MOTOR GS4 boasts optimized man-machine layout and maximum space for driver and passengers. The automobile has a bodywork with the maximum width of 1852mm, an optimized back row space of 980mm, a 360-degree all-dimensional mute design, and an all-round application of low-VOC environmentally-friendly technologies and materials which are free from extraneous odors. A luxurious and cozy environment is elaborately built. The “Flying Dynamics” family image and wide-body design are rather imposing. The suspended and surrounded interior finishing materials are impressive with its exquisiteness. The ninth-generation ESP of Bosch is synchronized and equipped, to guarantee the safety of driving. Equipped with the most advanced EPS, the automobile shows excellent accuracy and promptness in steering. 

As the first C-class flagship limousine of GAC MOTOR, GAC MOTOR GA8 is equipped with the latest 300T powerful engine and six-speed manual automatic transmission. The strong engine power is about to make you scream at any time. With prompt and smooth shift, it brings you the best driving experience. GAC MOTOR GA8 is with lively interior finishing and elegant driving room of Chinese style, bringing the advantage of 2900mm wheelbase and 5m ultra-large bodywork into fullest play. The international state-of-the-art technologies including smart self-adaptive cruise control system, emergency braking system, night vision system and panoramic parking system fully demonstrates the attractiveness of advanced flagship limousine. 

Meanwhile, many high-quality vehicle models designed by the subordinated enterprises of GAC Group were also put on display at this auto exhibition. Through putting diversified products on display, GAC Group satisfies the varying demand of different consumer groups and thus develops strong systematic competitiveness. 

To continuously implement the “3+e” strategy with tremendous efforts taken in “internet + automobile”. 

Last year, GAC Group released the “3+e” development strategy, a business strategy integrated with proprietary brand, Japanese brand, European and American brand. The strategy is also composed of e-business strategy. Greater efforts have been taken unceasingly for about half a year. Remarkable progress has been made in new product introduction, capacity layout, brand development, marketing and service improvement. 

To put new products onto market with higher efficiency. In self-owned brand area, “two centers, four platforms” will be centered. GAC research institute will serve as technology R&D center, and GAC Motor will serve as production center. The four major platform resources of development & research, purchase, brand marketing and service channel will be integrated, and an industrial layout featuring “self-owned in greater degree” will be formed. It is planned that GAC proprietary brand will achieve the goal of producing 1,000,000 automobiles by the year of 2020. In terms of Japanese joint venture, the third production line of GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. is predicted to be put into operation in 2017. Integrating with the TPS (Toyota production system) and the latest production technology of Toyota, the overall output will be 100,000 sets. GAC Honda Motor Co., Ltd. released a new generation of City at this auto exhibition, in a bid to drive the upgrade and update of all the products. The third production line of GAC Honda will be put into production in 2015. GAC Mitsubishi Motor Co., Ltd. is cooperating with Mitsubishi Motors in the domestic experiment of PHEV Outlander, so as to make active preparation for Mitsubishis’ new energy vehicles to enter Chinese market. In terms of European and American joint venture, tasks like outperforming, recombining and renaming were officially finished in GAC FIAT Chrysler in January, which will further improve the layout of products and channels, and accelerate the localization of Jeep and Chryster. It is predicted that 3 types of GAC Fick Jeep branded new products will be put into production in succession by the end of 2016. By the year of 2018, Jeep brand will cover the full line of products ranging from compact SUV to full-scale luxurious SUV. 

To promote the cross-border integration of internet and automobile. Conforming to the trend of “internet+”, GAC Group spares no efforts in pressing ahead with the projects including e-business, car networking and smart cars, so as to achieve the integration of internet and automobile. GAC Group will give full play to the advantages of the industrial chain of the group. With emphasis laid on user experience, an integrated platform of internet is planned to be built. An internet automobile circle integrating sales, after-sale service, auto life, auto finance, insurance, second-hand car, automobile leasing and renting will be developed. By integrating the on-line and off-line interaction with on-site experience, GAC Group will expand its service network into community, so as to “serve the community in an all-round way”. 

To plan the “153” new energy strategy and facilitate the undertaking of “made in China 2025” 

In the report on the work of the Chinese government of this year, to implement the strategy of “made in China 2025”, we should pursue innovation, smart transformation, solidified foundation and green development. Actively responding to the national call, GAC Group further promotes the new energy development strategy, so as to meet the economic challenges and facilitate the development of “Chinese industry 4.0”. In this March, GAC Group held the “New Situation and New Opportunities—2015 China (Guangzhou) International Investment New Energy and Energy-Saving Automobile Forum”, demonstrating the leading role played by GAC Group in the development of Guangdong new energy and environmental friendly automobiles. 

To promote new energy undertaking, GAC Group puts forward “153” new energy development strategy. With over a thousand first-class R&D experts and advanced R&D equipment, GAC Group will develop a market-oriented R&D system by constructing a “R&D platform”. The five major core technologies including Battery system, motor system, electronic control system, electromechanical coupling system and system integration will be handled. With emphasis laid on the development of pure electricity-driven and hybrid power motor, GAC Group will develop “three major product lines” of hybrid power, extended range and pure electric motion. 

In recent years, GAC Group has quickened its pace in new energy development. In October 2014, the first major national “863 plan” project undertaken by GAC Group—”research and development of extended range pure power-driven automobile and industrialized technologies” swept through the inspection and acceptance of Ministry of Science and Technology. Various new-energy and energy-saving automobiles such as the expended-range electric automobile GAC MOTOR GA5 REV and GAC new energy passenger car have been put onto the market. Some concept cars independently developed by GAC Group, such as GAC MOTOR WITSTAR and E-JET, have also made appearance at various important auto exhibitions GAC Group. 

The year of 2015 is the last year of the implementation of the GAC Group’s “12th five-year plan”. In the future, GAC Group will remain innovative and pioneering in undertaking at home and abroad. GAC Group will press ahead with the furtherance of “3+e” development strategy, further define the industrial role and enhance the overall strength through business of all sectors; the strategic deployment of “making rational plan and overall layout, achieving steady progress, and making breakthroughs with emphasis” will be forged ahead with in overseas market; a series of effective marketing methods will be carried out to promote the overseas popularity of GAC Group. GAC Group will sharpen the competitive edge of the “Big GAC” system in an all-round way. Meanwhile, the group will actively forge ahead with the business at home and abroad, so as to provide consumers with products and services of higher quality. 

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