Child Safety with a Star: Mercedes-Benz child car seats for all age categories combine safety with comfort and design

Maximum safety in all respects is the top priority for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. For many decades, countless technical innovations and features have made them the safest cars in the world

Maximum safety in all respects is the top priority for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. For many decades, countless technical innovations and features have made them the safest cars in the world. Mercedes-Benz engineers have now applied this extensive know-how to the development of new child seats that feature innovative solutions such as optimized side impact protection or patented automatic child seat recognition, while at the same time offering maximum comfort for the little ones.

With these aspects in mind, Mercedes-Benz working in cooperation with the well-known manufacturer Britax Römer has developed child seats for different age categories that ensure precisely this optimum safety while offering outstanding seating comfort. As their design is coordinated with the interior design of the vehicles, they also meet the expectations of parents with respect to attractive appearance. This is particularly apparent in the AMG version, which echoes the transverse quilting of the sporty seat upholstery and includes use of the standard AMG seat cover “DINAMICA microfibre”. Going beyond the legal requirements, all Mercedes-Benz child seats are tested at a 50 percent higher energy input, are approved according to ECE R44/04 and are “Made in Germany”.

The “BABY-SAFE plus II” rearward-facing child seat is the right choice for the age group from 0/0+ to approx. 15 months and a body weight of up to 13 kg. Infants are safely and comfortably ensconced in the deep cradle with its high, softly padded side and shoulder bolsters. The head restraint is adjustable in seven stages, so that it can be optimally adapted to the size of the child. A seat backrest adjustment function is also integrated to allow a reclining position. The 5-point belt system with central longitudinal adjustment reliably holds the child’s body in place, and is very easy to attach from the front. The seat can be easily lifted from the vehicle using the ergonomically shaped carrying handle with convenient, one-hand operation. A sun and wind shade provides ideal protection in the open air. The seat also has a curved base for rocking or feeding the occupant.

The BABY-SAFE plus II seat is installed using the vehicle’s 3-point seat belt. Another important safety feature is the patented “D-SIP system”, which optimises side impact protection. The seat also has the Mercedes-Benz automatic child seat recognition system (AKSE). This system uses a transponder to detect a child seat on the front passenger seat and automatically deactivates the front passenger airbag. This protects small children from injuries caused by a deploying airbag; the airbag is therefore deactivated for the duration the child seat is located in the passenger seat. The belt tensioner and all other airbags on the front passenger side remain active to protect the child. An indicator lamp informs the driver that the front passenger seat belt has been deactivated, and it is automatically reactivated when the child seat is removed.

The softly padded, removable and washable seat cover is in an exclusive black and light grey Mercedes-Benz design. The Mercedes star is prominently positioned in the centre of the backrest and the high-quality embossing on the seat cushion creates an immediate association with the seats of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The front-facing “DUO plus” child seat is suitable for children weighing from 9 to 18 kg and aged between approx. 9 months and 3.5 years. This child seat, likewise, has the exclusive Mercedes-Benz design in black and light grey, with grey topstitching and high-quality embossing. The DUO plus is standard equipped with an ISOFIX seat attachment and Top Tether. Safety is ensured by the 5-point belt system with central belt length adjustment and specially padded shoulder belts which are adjustable for height in seven variable stages. The three seat positions for sitting, resting and sleeping can be set using one hand. The head restraint is likewise adjustable in seven stages. A holder allowing the seat belts to be laid aside makes it easier for the child to enter and exit the vehicle.

The largest child seat in the Mercedes-Benz range is the “KIDFIX XP”, which is likewise in the exclusive Mercedes-Benz design and where the XP stands for “Extra Protection”. It ensures comfortable and safe travel for children weighing from approx. 3.5 to 36 kg and aged up to approx. 12 years. Highly energy-absorbing pads on the head restraint and in the shoulder area reduce impact loads by up to 20 percent. Deep, well‑padded side bolsters ensure the best possible side impact protection. The head restraint and belt system are height-adjustable, which ensures that the diagonal belt is optimally guided across the child’s shoulder. Comfort is ensured by the adjustable seat positions, which can also be adapted during use to allow relaxed sitting and sleeping. The V-shaped backrest provides the best possible fit throughout the child’s development, and can be removed once the child reaches the prescribed weight of 22 kg. The KIDFIX XP seat is attached to the ISOFIX or i-Size anchorages in the vehicle, or using the 3-point seat belt. This child seat is also suitable for use in Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with belt bags.

The identically constructed “AMG KIDFIX XP” is a particularly sporty and dynamic design variant. Inspired by the seat design of the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupé, this child seat model follows the design lines and has a colour scheme that blends perfectly into the AMG Interior. The seat cover is in the standard “DINAMICA microfibre” material for a sporty look and feel. Red topstitching and side bolsters emphasise the seat’s dynamic character. The backrest is accentuated by mesh inserts with red topstitching, echoing the unmistakable design of the AMG Performance seats. The AMG lettering embroidered into the head restraint confirms membership of the “World’s Fastest Family”.

SOURCE: Daimler

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